Artist shares insights at Holiday Island show

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Pat Rogers (middle right) of Holiday Island won first place in Works on Paper at the Holiday Island Art Show & Sale over Labor Day weekend for her painting "Head Gasket Bleu." Show judge Ann Powers praised Rogers' successful use of the diagonal element in her composition, saying it is difficult to achieve.
Charles Chappell of Berryville won both a first place and an Honorable Mention for Photography at the Holiday Island Art Show & Sale over Labor Day weekend. His first-place photo, "A Little Me" (on the right) prompted show judge Ann Powers to discuss at length its excellent use of composition. Artists competed in four categories. Viewers' Choice awards were also given.

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Although nearly every Holiday Island Art Show judge explains why they choose a certain piece for an award, this year's judge, Ann Powers, went above and beyond and included a bit of instruction with each of her awards, made at the show held in the Barn over Labor Day weekend.

Powers is a Signature Artist of the Artists of Northwest Arkansas and is a member of Women Artists of the West and Women Artists of the Southeast. She has taught painting for 10 years, including this year at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, and shows her work at Keels Creek Winery in Eureka Springs.

Powers opened her presentation by praising Holiday Island, saying she enjoyed the drive over from her home in Rogers and saw "a thousand paintings." She called the Holiday Island community "incredible" and exhorted the audience to "fight, fight, fight for it and never lose it."

Elaine Ostroot (top right) won first place in Works on Canvas/Fabric at the the Holiday Island Art Show & Sale over Labor Day weekend for her oil painting, "Linda." Show judge Ann Powers praised Ostroot's skill in portraiture and her use of positive and negative space. (Artists competed in four categories. Viewers' Choice awards were also given.)

The art show had four categories: Photography, Mixed Media, Works on Paper and Works on Canvas/Fabric. Top prizes also came with cash awards: $150 for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place.

In the Photography category, first place went to Charles

Chappell of Berryville for "A Little Me," a photograph of a tree at night with a figure silhouetted against its trunk.

Judy Carpenter (right) of Eureka Springs won first place in Mixed Media at the Holiday Island Art Show & Sale over Labor Day weekend for her mixed metals sculpture, "D'Fly Tower." Accepting the award for her was her husband, Sonny, who also won two Honorable Mentions in the show. Show judge Ann Powers praised Carpenter's vertical, horizontal and abstract elements.

"When I first looked at this, yes, I was drawn in, but when I went back, I saw that little figure," Powers said.

She praised the composition of the photograph, noting how the tree reaching up also brings the viewer back down to the solitary figure.

"In terms of composition, you have to be aware of how it makes your eye leave and come back," she said.

Second place went to Yvonne Calhoun for "Shadows and Reflections."

Powers said Calhoun's piece speaks "beautifully of the abstract" and praised the contrasts of light and dark.

Third place went to George Kay for "Puzzling Portal."

Honorable mentions went to Charles Chappell for "Flash Flood," Bob Rogers for "At Ease" and Steve Shogren for "Taco Shell."

Under Mixed Media, first place went to Judy Carpenter for "D-Fly Tower," a mixed-metals sculpture. Powers praised its "wonderful abstract elements."

Second place went to Keith Mock for "Thinking," a sculpture of a man on a horse. She commended the artist for the proportions of the man and horse, and said it is not easy to do. She noted that artists of any genre need to know how to draw, and encouraged everyone to draw for 30 minutes every day.

Third place went to Alice French for "Clay Flowers."

Honorable mentions went to Sonny Carpenter for "Writing on the Wall," John Dolce for "Creation" and Judy Giggey for "Gratitude."

Under Works on Paper, first place went to Pat Rogers for "Head Gasket Bleu." Powers praised Rogers' ability to use successfully a diagonal in her composition, discussing the three "edge" concepts in art: defined, diffused and dissolved.

Second place went to Barbara Robinson for "Troubled," depicting a tortured young face.

"I want to know this girl," Powers said. "I want to talk to her. That's what creates art; if you want to have a conversation with it."

Third place went to Carol McGowen for "Drawing #1."

Honorable mentions went to Sonny Carpenter for "The Elder," Randy Fields for "Navajo Girl" and Lee Guthrie for "Flower Ladies."

Finally, under Works on Canvas/Fabric, first place went to Elaine Ostroot for "Linda," an oil portrait. Powers said the painting had a "very strong feeling in the use of positive and negative space" and praised the use of a veil draped over the figure's head.

Second place went to Kriste-Lee for "Exotica." Powers called the color harmony "exceptional."

Third place went to Patti Edwards for "Gena Sue," a rug-hooked portrait of a girl.

Honorable mentions went to Janis Alianak for "Blowing in the Wind," Betty Johnson for "Let's Party" and Kriste-Lee for "Butterfly Dance."

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