Planning commission solves problems

Sunday, August 14, 2011

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- It seemed to be a red-letter day for the Holiday Island Planning Commission (HIPC) Friday, as the commission resolved several issues presented by various property owners.

Property owner Jim Schultess met with commissioners about a carport that was installed on his property at 69 Country Club Drive that didn't meet HIPC requirements.

Both sides agreed there had been a misunderstanding.

Schultess had received a permit May 6 to install a carport with a metal roof.

Commissioners issued the permit under the impression it would be a steel frame-built structure with a steel roof and wood sides.

They thought the structure would have a gable roof.

What Schultess had was a curved metal roof on poles without proper concrete footings.

Although these kinds of structures are not prohibited in the original unit covenants, HIPC prohibits them because of safety and appearance issues.

Schultess said there was a miscommunication with the company he was purchasing the carport from.

He said he was out of town at a friend's deathbed and subsequent funeral.

"They weren't supposed to deliver it without Morris (Dillow, building inspector) being there," he said. "I got back from Kansas and they had already delivered it and installed it."

"The company that sold it to you knows we don't allow them here," Dillow said.

Some commissioners felt that allowing the carport, even with sides but still having an open back and curved roof, would be "opening the door" and setting a precedent.

"I haven't paid for it yet," Schultess said.

"Well, good," Dillow said. "Call them and tell them to come get it. It's not allowed here."

Schultess said he would do so and said he will only be out a $75 deposit.

Diane and Richard Luciani had their problem resolved after finding out they could not put a mobile home on their lot in Unit 2. Covenants for that unit were changed a few years ago to prohibit new ones coming in.

They also did not have a permit at the time they bought the home and were going to have it delivered.

Developer Tom Dees traded out a lot in Unit 1 for their Unit 2 lot.

The board said they would hold a special meeting to issue a permit when the Lucianis are ready to have the 1,700-square-foot double-wide mobile home placed at 278 Stateline Drive.

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