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Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dead dog's owner deserves same treatment

Dear Editor,

The person or persons responsible for this should be chained up in the same spot "on a short chain" without any bedding, anything to block the wind, without any food or water to drink. People like this shouldn't be allowed to have pets.

Charging the dog's owner with animal cruelty is a "slap on the wrist." It should be much more.

Don Sigmon

Eureka Springs

Help neighbors by voting yes for water

Dear Editor,

Approximately 25 years ago, the Community Resource Development Committee leaders met to analyze the needs of Carroll County residents. The goal of this committee was to help residents of Carroll County achieve a higher quality of life. Their findings were as follows:

1. The need of additional doctors to work with the medical community;

2. Secure housing for low-income families;

3. Improve roads throughout the county; and

4. Develop a county-wide water system.

Since that meeting, many of the leaders that worked on that project have gone on to their rewards. But as a result of their efforts:

1. The number of doctors and medical facilities has increased;

2. Low-income housing has been improved. Apartments for low-income families were established in Green Forest and Berryville. Low-income housing in Green Forest and Berryville was established under the direction of Herschel Sullivan and Bob Hill. Additional housing was provided by Woodrow Kimes, Henry Adams and others.

3. Roads -- this is still a work in progress because of the ever-increasing price of petroleum products. There have been vast improvements to highways 62, 412, 23, 21 and 221. Additionally, more county roads have been hard-surfaced. At that time we had leaders that would visit with the governor's office and the Arkansas legislature to improve Arkansas roads. And I'm sure Congressman Bryan King and Senator Randy Laverty will continue this progress.

4. Water -- In the early history of Carroll County, farmers did not have adequate water for their livestock until the Soil Conservation Service came in and provided ponds for many of them. Now, Green Forest, Berryville, Eureka Springs and Holiday Island all have a city water supply. Our neighbors in rural areas of Carroll County deserve the same opportunity to have good water supplies, as well.

We need to do the neighborly thing and help them get the necessary water for their families, their livestock, their gardens and their fruit trees.

If one of our neighbors believes they have an adequate supply of good water, then the water lines could pass them by without any cost to them.

The neighborly thing to do is to help our friends, our county and our families by voting "yes" on a county water system.

As Larry the Cable Guy says, "It's time to get-r-done."

Hugh Plumlee


Editorial captures tragedy perfectly

Dear Editor,

The editorial in last week's paper is the best I've read in some time. CD White nailed it down perfectly. I had to read it several times.

Daisy's owner needs to be forced to watch the '09 movie, "Hachi, A Dog's Tale," which starred Richard Gere as Hachi's owner. It took me one month to get over that movie. Maybe it will move Daisy's owner.

Don Goudeau

Eureka Springs