Public water board vote: Links to stories, columns, editorials and letters

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 ~ Updated 1:55 PM

As a courtesy to our readers, we are providing links to our stories, letters and columns, published in both Carroll County News and Lovely County Citizen, on the important upcoming rural water issue special election. Election day is Feb. 8 at regular polling places in Carroll County. Included below are links to stories that were published only in our print editions and not online, as far back as a search takes us. Links for some stories below were not available at the time this story was posted. Please check back for updates or for provided links to past stories as we are able to access them. Stories are arranged by date published online.

Rural water back on Quorum Court agenda Friday (4/13/10)

Quorum court story (Senator Randy Laverty attended to answer questions) (4/20/10)

Guest opinion: A public water board is long overdue (4/27/10)

Quorum Court looking at changes to proposed rural water ordinance (5/4/10)

Rural water tops Quorum Court agenda (5/18/10)

Public board to bring water to rural areas (5/25/10)

Rural water to top agenda (6/15/10)

Editorial: Proposed water ordinance flawed (6/22/10)

County moves closer to supplying rural water (6/22/10)

Old ordinance could slow creation of new: board created in 2008 to bring water to rural areas similar to fledgling law (7/6/10)

CCN opinion page 7/6/10

Courthouse tops QC agenda (rural water discussion on agenda) (7/13/10)

Rural water agency tabled (7/20/10)

Letter to the Editor: Reporting biased? (8/3/10)

Citizen Forum: Well. It's our water (8/6/10)

Rural water board on court's agenda (8/17/10)

Citizen Forum: Onerous ordinance (8/18/10)

Editorial: Last chance? (8/18/10)

Water authority may supercede county ordinance (8/20/10)

Quorum Court approves board for rural water (8/24/10)

PFB yes, PWA maybe (8/25/10)

Petition opposes water board (9/24/10)

Council ok's use of square - petition's goal to put rural water on ballot (9/24/10)

Rural water board elects officers, plans progress)

Another View: Costs of ordinance outweigh benefits (10/6/10)

Commission seeking input: Public hearing to be held on alternative water board (10/8/10)

Citizen Forum: Costs or benefits? (10/13/10)

Public heard on water authority (10/20/10)

Letter to the Editor - JP Ron Flake (10/20/10)

Citizen Forum: Wait just a minute - who can't get water? (10/27/10)

Letter to the Editor - John Hutchcroft (11/9/10

Typo may kill half of water board petitions (11/16/10)

Looming election no hindrance to water board (11/19/10)

Election to proceed despite petition typo (11/19/10)

Rural water board choosing legal representative 11/26/10

State gives approval to public water agency (12/7/10)

Water Board election preparations begin (1/14/11)

Water board hears future customers' concerns (12/17/10)

Column: Answer me this (1/19/11)

Text of the ordinance creating the Public Facilities Board (1/21/11)

Berryville mayor Tim McKinney supports rural water (1/25/11)

What do YOU think? (1/26/11)

Citizen Forum: vote no on PFB (1/26/11)

Standing room only at PFB meeting (1/27/11)

Guest opinion: water issue critical to future (2/1/11)

Help neighbors by voting yes to water

Rural water -- time to decide (paid advertisement) (2/1/11)

Several paid ads, for and against ---- CCN print edition 2/4/11

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