Bobcat football player named for honor

Friday, January 21, 2011

BERRYVILLE -- Bobcat football player Peter Acuna was nominated by Coach Eric Daniel for postseason honors.

Acuna is Berryville's nominee as a Player of the Year in a campaign sponsored by Old Spice.

He had previously been named as All-conference, and as an Honorable Mention on the All-state team.

Despite his small size, Acuna racked up most of his rushing yards by running right into the heart of the defense. He displayed tremendous heart and determination, even when the 2-8 Bobcats suffered defeats.

Acuna also played in the defensive backfield. Daniel was asked if he had ever coached a tougher player, pound for pound, and he quickly replied, "No, not even close." The coach spoke highly of Acuna's physical toughness, and his willingness to work hard every day.

Acuna will graduate this year, so he won't have another chance to wear the purple and gold, but Daniel said he hopes other Bobcats will take a lesson from him. "You don't have to be very big," he said. "You just need willpower and heart." 

Daniel is just as proud of Acuna's accomplishments off the field. "He's been a kid we never had to worry about, with grades or getting in trouble," Daniel said. "Everyone spoke well of him." 

The following press release was issued by Old Spice:

Peter Acuna of Berryville High School has been nominated as an Old Spice Player of the Year.

As a result of this achievement, Acuna is among a select group of players who are eligible to be selected as a national Old Spice Player of the Year and be honored in a full-page feature in USA Today.

For the tenth straight year, Old Spice is recognizing high school football players who go above and beyond the call of duty. The program honors athletes who are able to elevate their play and step up when the heat is really on. These athletes embody leadership, performance and desire, and serve as examples to their teammates on and off the field.

High school coaches across the country are naming one player from their team as their Player of the Year. Each team's Player of the Year will receive a certificate to acknowledge his accomplishment.

Those players will also be eligible to be named one of 50 national Players of the Year. The top 50 players nationwide will be named Old Spice Players of the Year and will receive a plaque and other awards.

The Old Spice Player of the Year program is nationally sponsored by Procter & Gamble, the makers of Old Spice Deodorant. The program is created and managed by 360 Youth, LLC, an Alloy company.

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