HILGA gives awards

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Holiday Island Ladies Golf Association held the annual Awards Banquet Nov. 3.

President Kelly Trahan introduced the 2010 HILGA Board and the 2011 Board.

2010 Board members were Kelly Trahan, Connye Kaastad, Linda Graves, Connie Stielow, Nita Holley, Sarah Wachner and Pat Warsop.

2011 Board members will be: Linda Graves, Sarah Wachner, Pat Warsop, Barb Kuhn, Joan Miller and Phyllis Williams.

The most prestigious awards are for the Club Championship. This year's winners were Sue Dillard for 18 holes and Pat Warsop for nine holes.

Other winners were Kathy Kuhn for low net in the championship flight.

First flight: low gross, Gail Barnard; low net, Judy Gambill

2nd flight: low gross, Bonnie Mapes; low net (tie), Helen Petteway, Mary Lou Smith

3rd flight: low gross, Connie Woolhiser; low net, Jean Bunting

Nine holes:

Championship flight: low net, Terry Welch

First flight: low gross, Marie Brandenburg; low net, Rita Trickel

Match play tournament

18 holes: winner, Kelly Trahan; runner-up, Loretta Metzger

Nine holes: winner, Rita Trickel; runner-up, Joyce Grabher

First-time awards

Awards were given out for first time winners in each category:

Broke 100: Jean Bunting, Barbara Fee

Broke 90: Gail Barnard, Judy Gambill

Broke 60: KaroleAnastasi, Glenna Cates, Bea King

Broke 50: Joyce Grabher

Birdies: Mary Mills, Helen Petteway

Eagles: Eleen Onda, Sarah Wachner

Low Putts: 18-hole, Sandra De Garimore; nine-hole, Nancy Crouse

Most Improved: 18-hole, Wanda Stuck; nine-hole, Rita Trickel

Ringer Book

18 holes:

Championship flight: low gross, Sue Dillard; low net (tie), Kelly Trahan, Joan Miller

First flight: low gross, Gail Barnard; low net, Bonnie Mapes

2nd flight: low gross, Sarah Wachner; low net (tie), Loretta Metzger, Wanda Stuck

3rd flight: low gross, Connie Woolhiser; low net (tie), Jean Bunting, Carol Bates

Nine holes: 

Championship flight: low gross, Nancy Crouse; low net, Ginny Jankowski

First flight: low gross, Joyce Grabher; low net, Phyllis Williams

2nd flight: low gross (tie), Marie Brandenburg, Leona Snyder; low net, Glenna Cates

3rd flight: low gross, Rita Trickel; low net, Linda Graves

Most games played this year: 18 hole, Barb Kuhn; nine-hole, Rita Trickel

The Awards Banquet was the final event of the season. The membership is open to all ladies, who only need to play five games to establish a handicap.

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