Little angels assemble care packages for troops in Afghanistan

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
On the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, kids at Little Angels in Berryville loaded 50 care packages to send to troops in Afghanistan. From the left are Lakkyn, Trenton, and Luke. Trenton has an uncle in the military, and Luke's brother is also in uniform. Mike Ellis / CCN

BERRYVILLE -- A group of preschoolers had the opportunity to thank some soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

On Friday, the kids at Little Angels Child Development Center assembled 50 "care packages," which will be packaged this week and shipped to a unit from Jonesboro.

The teachers wore camouflage as they helped the kids go through an assembly line, loading each box with a variety of items.

One of the teachers, Brandy Turner, has a brother who just arrived in Kandahar, so the project had special meaning for her. But she emphasized that this was a group idea, and all the Little Angels staff worked together to make this a reality.

"It's important that our kids know about our military," Turner said. "It's good for the kids to do something for someone doing something for them."

The staff had several soldiers drop in during the week, to help bring home the reasons for the care packages.

"The kids may not completely understand," Turner admitted, "but they know they're doing something good!"

Parents donated some of the items, and Dr. Robert Spurlin and Dr. Jim Blanchard donated toothbrushes and toothpaste. Cato's donated boxes for the kids to load, and Kerusso gave T-shirts.

Other toiletries and snacks went into the boxes, along with pictures of the kids back home.

Turner said filling the boxes on the Friday before Memorial Day was especially appropriate, but it was just a happy accident that everything came together at that time.

Little Angels is still in need of some donations for shipping: the care packages will be stacked into bigger boxes for shipping. Anyone interested can call (870) 423-4386 for more information.

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