Rural water tops quorum court agenda

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CARROLL COUNTY -- The quorum court will face an extensive agenda at Friday's meeting, topped by a pair of items which have already drawn crowds to previous meetings.

An ordinance to bring water to rural areas of the county is back on the table, after a committee meeting to address some of the major objections which arose at two previous meetings.

In addition, the quorum court will decide the initial board membership of the Oak Ridge Park Subordinate Service District, in the wake of an opinion from the Arkansas Attorney General concerning the procedures for appointment.

Rural water

A committee of the quorum court met April 29, and revised an ordinance which had been initially introduced in March. Although the ordinance may be amended further, the committee made several key changes, including specific language preventing condemnation of private wells or forced participation in the rural water system.

The committee also made a recommendation to the full quorum court to have members of the rural water association vote on new board members. The alternative would be to have the board members submit three names to the county judge, who would select one of them to submit to the quorum court for approval.

If approved, the ordinance would create a public facilities board to bring water from the Carroll-Boone Water District to areas not currently served by municipal systems.

Other agenda items of interest include:

* Sheriff Bob Grudek will request $10,000 to purchase a drug dog and a cage for a vehicle.

* Since March, the sheriff has provided bailiffs for circuit court, following the firing of the previous bailiff. A proposed ordinance would transfer the funds already allocated to the circuit judge's budget for the bailiff's salary to the sheriff's budget.

* A related ordinance will ask to have an additional $3,000 appropriated to the sheriff's department to compensate for deputies provided as bailiffs in 2009. The ordinance states that the bailiff was absent for 83 days in 2009.

* Justic of the Peace Ron Flake submitted a resolution calling for the creation of a committee to assess the costs of operating two courthouses. The first listed justification for the resolution cites a ruling by Circuit Judge Kent Crow which found the county only has one judicial district. However, that ruling is on hold pending a state supreme court review.

* An emergency ordinance would prevent the sale or possession of the synthetic cannabinoid K2 in the county. This substance is sold as incense, but is used like marijuana.

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