Judy-Lee Carpenter wins Zarks' 'People's Choice' award

Friday, May 7, 2010
"Ozarks Shiver-Bug aka/Henry" by Judy-Lee Carpenter was the People's Choice winner at the annual Zarks art theme invitational of "Widgets, Gadgets & Doohickies" Saturday evening.

Zarks Gallery held its 12th Annual Invitational Group Theme Show Saturday, May 8th. Over 20 local and area artists rendered their unique interpretations of the this year's theme, "Widgets, Gizmos & Doohickies."

Entries included such oddities as a zippered fur-lined coconut, a Rube Goldberg style bank, a gear activated polar bear ballerina, and a rotating music box using magnets to demonstrate chaos theory accompanied by Beethoven's 5th -- "Well, you just had to be there," said Sara Armellini, gallery owner.

The winner of the People's Choice Award and a $100 gift certificate was "OZARK SHIVER BUG ak/a HENRY" created Judy-Lee Carpenter. The artist used, among other things, forks, spoons, glass beads, and a battery operated motor that made the bug "dance."

Photos of the pieces will soon be available on the gallery's website: zarksgallery.com.

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