Harrison teams too hot for Bobcats

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HARRISON -- The Bobcat softball and baseball teams stepped up in classification on Friday and ran into two 5A Golden Goblin buzz saws at the Harrison Sports Complex.

Coach Mark Brigance's Bobcats lost 15-5 in five innings, with the JV falling 7-0. Coach Josh Nation's Lady Bobcats fell 10-0 in three innings to a hot-throwing Harrison pitcher.

The teams faced Lincoln on Monday, with the boys playing in the McDonald's' Tournament in Springdale on Friday at 4 p.m. against Springdale.

Varsity Baseball

BV- 5R-3N-3E

HR- 15R-9H-0E

Berryville fell behind 11-0 through 4 innings, then posted five runs in the fifth. Harrison answered with 4 more runs to end the contest after 5 innings, but the game started better than it ended.

"We got off to a good start, put the ball in play our first five outs," Brigance said. "We had ground outs or fly balls but we were hitting it squarely.

"Later we got some walks, then burned them with hits."

Berryville scored in the fifth after two hit batters, a base hit, two walks, then a double by Eric Holman. Two walks loaded the bases, but a final out left three stranded.

BV- 0-0-0-0-5

HR- 5-5-1-0-4

Pitching- Hunter Seitz went 2 innings- 5H, 6ER, 2K, 5W; Anthony Nofsger- 2+ innings- 4H, 5ER, 2K, 3W. Rick Porter caught.

"Minus the walks, our pitchers looked good," Brigance said. "Hunter was sick all week, not in school. Still, both walked too many kids."

Hits- Holman- 1/3, RBI, Tyler Coatney- 0/0, 3W; Austin Lehr- 1/2, RBI; Garrett Griffith- 1/2, W.

JV- Harrison won 7-0, but Coach Brigance said Page Summers and Brian Byrd had some laser shots to the outfield. Porter and Jeff Adams pitched the 4-inning affair.

Varsity Softball

BV- 0R-0H-4E

HR- 10R-5H-0E

"Harrison has a real good pitcher throwing 63, 64 miles-an-hour," Coach Nation said.

From 43 feet from mound to plate, that pitch arrives in a blur. "She threw the first couple in there, all fast balls, nothing else. She's the best we'll see this year," Nation said.

"Most throw 55, 56 miles-an-hour. We did make contact by the third inning. McKenna Gerster was the first one to make contact, but we only put the ball in play four times.

"McKenna did make an unassisted double play on her own on defense," Nation said.

Pitching- Emily Herndon- 2K, 3W. Catching- Arel Ferguson.

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