Election season heats up as filing period nears

Friday, February 26, 2010 ~ Updated 10:30 AM

BERRYVILLE -- The election season is heating up with multiple elections scheduled in the months ahead.

Those include the May 18 primary, a June 8 primary run-off, a June 22 Green Forest School special election, annual school elections on Sept. 21, and the general election in November, with possible run-offs to follow the general election.

It all starts next week when the filing period for candidates seeking federal, state and county seats begins noon Monday, March 1 and runs through noon the following Monday, March 8.

The next day, on Tuesday, March 9, candidates will be asked to draw for ballot positions at 9 a.m., at the county clerk's office at the courthouse in Berryville.

The primary election is set for May 18, and a primary run-off, which is expected, is scheduled for June 8.

A petition for the June 22 school election, which seeks to refinance existing bonds without adding new taxes, was officially recognized by members of the Carroll County Election Commission when they met Tuesday.

They okayed the date for the school election and discussed preparations for the other elections.

"We'll have three elections in five weeks," noted Election Coordinator Bethe Henley.

"It will be a busy time," agreed Commissioner Dave Hoover, who said he expected a "big turnout" for the hotly contested state races that have a line-up of candidates seeking congressional and senate seats.

Early voting in those races begins May 3. Henley said state funds will pay for extra clerks to help with early voting and, because Carroll County has two courthouses, the state will pay for two extra clerks.

Commission Chairman Levi Phillips suggested Jamie Correia, the county clerk, decide where those clerks should work.

All polling sites will be open for the primary election, and possibly the run-off.

Phillips said they must decide by April 18 where run-off voting will take place.

Phillips also reported that he and other election commissioners, along with Henley, recently attended training sessions where they learned what was new in election law.

Sharon Hoover and Patti Tetu will be attending special workshops designed to teach them how to train poll workers. Those poll worker training sessions, Phillips said, will be held locally, likely at the Berryville Fire Station or at the Berryville Community Center.

The commissioners also certified "official" results from the recent mayoral race in Green Forest and the special Eureka Springs school election where a millage hike was approved to build a new high school.

Three overseas ballots that had arrived within the accepted time period were added to final tallies. Two of the ballots were in favor of the school tax. The third was a vote for mayoral candidate Charlie Reece.

The final "official" tally for the mayor race showed Reece with 214 votes over challenger Paul McCormick's 35.

The final "official" tally for the school vote showed 1,064 votes for the tax compared to 652 against.

The next election commission meeting will be on Tuesday, March 9, to coincide with the 9 a.m. drawing for ballot positions.

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