Haiti relief effort led by First Christian of Berryville

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 ~ Updated 2:18 PM

BERRYVILLE -- The First Christian Church of Berryville, as a part of the Week of Compassion ministry, is leading a community-wide effort for Haitian Earthquake Relief.

Susan Krotz, spokesperson for FCC says, "I know many people in our community are wishing to provide funds for relief. I have spoken to the General Office of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), located in Indianapolis and have been assured that with these dedicated funds, 100 percent of the money will go directly to Haiti -- no administrative costs will be carved out. These funds will be used for disaster relief -food, water, shelter and medical supplies."

According to Krotz, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) annual Week of Compassion offering is to fund relief in many areas around the world, but obviously this earthquake disaster is a priority of major proportions.

There are many opportunities for giving to this relief effort through reputable, known organizations such as The American Red Cross, William J. Clinton Foundation, and the Salvation Army, among others. "But, according to news reports, there are reports of scams already popping up and most non-profit organizations take out administrative costs before issuing the funds," Krotz continued, "That is why I called to be sure that 100 percent of these funds will be sent directly. It is important that folks in our community can feel confident and good about their donations."

To ensure that donations are dedicated to the Earthquake Relief, checks should be made out to: "Week of Compassion -- Haiti Earthquake Relief." Funds can be dropped off or mailed to The First National Bank, 305 Public Square, Berryville 72616 in care of Doug Carr, or at Sow's Ear Antiques and Books, 202 Public Square, Berryville 72616 in care of Susan Krotz.

For additional information, contact Krotz (870) 654-2107.

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