County's 2010 budget passed by quorum court in special session

Thursday, December 31, 2009 ~ Updated 1:11 PM

CARROLL COUNTY -- The quorum court held a special meeting Tuesday morning to approve the 2010 budget.

At the Dec. 18 meeting of the quorum court, the justices of the peace had worked out most of the budget details. They gave tentative approval, but the document they approved did not include last-minute changes.

Because all the decisions had been made, passage of the ordinance took only as long as it took to read out loud. The process took almost an hour, however, because it took that long to assemble the necessary eight justices of the peace to pass the ordinance on one reading.

"We finally have a budget," said County Judge Sam Barr, who quickly called for a motion to adjourn.

County Treasurer Cindy Collins was asked about details of the budget after the meeting. "It's a good budget," she said. During the budget process, she had cautioned the JPs that revenues in the coming year might decline, and the JPs had acted accordingly, slashing requests for new expenditures.

A copy of the budget is on file with the county clerk, and is available for inspection by the public.

Total projected general fund revenues are $3.8 million, with an additional $1.4 million in carryover funds. Of that $5.2 million, the 2010 budget appropriates just over $4 million.

The road fund anticipates almost $2 million in revenues, with a $1.2 million carryover. Appropriations run just over $2 million, so that department should maintain its carryover amount.

The 2010 county general fund includes the following appropriations:

1. County judge$74,781
2. County clerk$133,864
3. Circuit clerk$176,696
4. Treasurer$102,236
5. Sheriff$1,152,264
6. Tax collector$233,008
7. Assessor$480,030
8. Equalization board$7,318
9. Circuit judge$146,788
10. District court--east$101,114
11. District court--west$56,234
12. Quorum court$30,398
13. Juvenile court$26,100
14. Prosecuting attorney$245,524
15. Western district courthouse$60,525
16. Search and rescue$6,000
17. Election commission$200,654
18. Coroner$29,015
19. Paupers and welfare$1,050
20. Office of emergency services$31,414
21. County buildings$11,000
22. Airport$70,621
23. Grants and aids$118,232
24. Cooperative extension$37,281
25. Circuit and county clerk west$143,640
26. Veterans services$15,023
27. Drug fund$10,000
28. Juvenile probation$83,308
29. Public defender$44,537
30. Mapping$104,354
31. Courthouse maintenance$83,367
32. Annex maintenance$26,213
Total: $4,042,589
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