Gymnasium to be dedicated to former coach Grim in ceremonies at Green Forest

Friday, December 18, 2009

By Mike Ellis

Carroll County News

GREEN FOREST -- A ceremony is planned for 6 p.m. Saturday evening to dedicate the gym as Fred Grim Gymnasium.

"The community would like us to do this as an honor, because of his record here," said Cheryl Howard, president of the school board. At Monday night's board meeting, School Superintendent Jeff Williams said he had received only one negative comment, and many in support, since the idea of renaming the gym was floated in the media in recent weeks.

The ceremony will take place during the finals of the Holiday Tournament.

Other buildings on campus are not scheduled for name changes, but board members are considering adding signs to designate the various buildings. The board looked at pictures showing how the buildings might look with large Tiger-red letters designating "cafeteria" or other names.

The price tag was high, however, at more than $10,000. Williams said the board could consider only placing the lettering on the most prominent side of a building. They might also decide to use the signs only on certain buildings. "We can pick and choose," he said.

Facilities plan

Williams listed the school's current and future plans for facilities improvement. The state requires districts to complete this assessment every two years.

Projects currently under way or scheduled for the coming year include a new middle school building, new heating/cooling units for the elementary school, and repairs to the field house, including restrooms and locker rooms.

During 2010-11, plans call for renovation of the football stadium's concession stand and handicapped-accessible restrooms. Re-paving a parking lot, re-wiring the cafeteria, and increasing video surveillance throughout the campus are also on the agenda.

Leadership committee

The state requires a district leadership committee, with regular meetings to promote community involvement in the school.

The board approved a panel of 16 members, including faculty from the Personnel Policies Committee, faculty appointed by principals or the superintendent, and all school board members. Williams said the group will meet as needed, or quarterly.


* The board was introduced to Baltazar Lemus, who is likely to become the school's first Latino valedictorian. Lemus is currently taking a school record of five advanced placement courses, and is the school's winner of the Wendy's High School Heisman award for exceptional scholarship, athletics, and citizenship.

* The bowling team from special ed was introduced, as they have completed their bowling season and prepare for basketball.

* Lauren Brown, a fifth-grade student, gave a very poised powerpoint presentation of a trip she had made to Louisville, Ky., at the end of October. She had earned a place in the Student Media Festival.

* Williams gave an update on construction of the new middle school, saying bids will be taken in January for the intercom system. "The exterior walls will go up in mid-February, or sooner," he said. "That's when it will really look like a building." 

* The board reaffirmed the same goals and objectives for the superintendent as were in place the past year.

* Transfers were approved for three students coming to Green Forest and 11 transferring out of the district.

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