County's SORT leader Jack Deaton says he's giving up the post

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
jack Deaton

CARROLL COUNTY -- Holiday Island Fire Chief Jack Deaton, who is also the head of the Sheriff's Department Search Operations Rescue Team (SORT) and the head of the reserve deputies, announced his resignation from the latter two posts last week.

Deaton has served as a reserve deputy for 13 years. He has been in charge of the reserve deputies for the last six years.

He and others organized the SORT team in 1995, and he has been its leader since its inception.

Deaton will still retain his fire department chief position and his elected position as constable of District 1 precinct.

But he said he's "slowing down" and it's time to pass the responsibilities on to others.

"I want some time to spend with my grandkids, play golf with my son, get my little granddaughter into a race car and take some motorcycle trips with Connie (his wife)," he said. "My family has been really understanding about all my commitments, but I feel bad about always being gone and want to make it up to them."

Deaton said he is very grateful for the all the people he has worked with in law enforcement, emergency service and the fire service in the county.

"They're a great bunch of people, and they've all been supportive and helpful to me. Anything I've been able to accomplish is because of their support and help. I really want to thank everyone throughout the county I've worked with."

He had nothing but praise for the younger generation of SORT team members, firefighters and deputies, especially those he has recommended replace him.

"They've all trained extensively and have done really well," he said. "I feel good about leaving things in their hands."

Deaton said he will be glad to serve as an advisor if needed and would respond with the SORT team if they really need him, but for the most part, he'll be gone a lot and feels confident in SORT and law enforcement personnel to handle things without him.

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