Recovery Arkansas Web site has new features added

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arkansas's official recovery Web site, http://recovery., established to help citizens track the spending of federal stimulus money, recently added new features to its site.

Recovery Arkansas, which is updated daily with new information about program funding throughout Arkansas, now has a more informative and easily accessed home page. The interactive site details how stimulus money is being spent, where ongoing recovery projects are located and gives personal impact stories of everyday Arkansans. These Web updates help to create transparency and provide access to our citizens.

Other new features added to the state recovery Web site include the following:

* Health Information Technology (HIT) and Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE): HIT and HIE have emerged as the primary means of shaping a health care system that is effective, safe, transparent and affordable. When linked to other systems reforms, technology can support better quality health care, reduce errors, eliminate redundant services, and improve population health data. Arkansas is committed to promoting technology as an efficient means of improving our health care system.

* Broadband: Arkansas is working to explore a rural broadband initiative to further educational and economic goals by bringing high-speed Internet access to people in all areas of Arkansas.

* Race to the Top: Arkansas has made significant progress in building on the four education reform areas of Race to the Top: standards and assessments; improved use of data; teacher effectiveness; and addressing the needs of struggling schools. The Race to the Top grant will allow Arkansas to accelerate its efforts to ensure that all students receive the quality education they deserve.

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence (ACE): ACE is committed to the state's nonprofit sector. As the state's designee, ACE pursues nonprofit ARRA grants, contracts and public program opportunities.

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