Young Tigers put mistakes behind, put points up against ELkins Elks

Friday, August 28, 2009
Senior quarterback Josiah Goodman rolled out for a throw during Tuesday's scrimmage with Elkins and found Wesley Kilbourn for a 60-yard catch-and-run touchdown. Photo courtesy of

GREEN FOREST -- Tiger head coach Bill Gotto knew he had an inexperienced team going into the season and Tuesday's scrimmage with Elkins proved him right.

The Elks completed two long passes behind the secondary, plus the Tigers put the ball on the ground and wound up with a total of five major errors by games end.

"We are very inexperienced in senior high football and have got room for improvement," Gotto said. "We have a lot of sophomores. We did alright on offense, mixed it up pretty well, had hard running from Abel Reyes, and quarterback Josiah Goodman threw a couple of passes.

"Josiah had a good night at quarterback. He hit a big pass late in the scrimmage to Wesley Kilbourn on a play-action throw, hit him right in stride. That must have gone for 50 or 60 yards, 30 pass, then 30 run by Wesley."

The Tigers put a good drive together with 5:28 to go in the first period, with Reyes breaking a big run to the 5-yard line. Reyes punched in for six with 1:51 to go.

In the JV period, running back Brian Badley broke a 45-yard run, then exploded up the middle and streaked away on a 70-yard sprint at the end of that period.

"Brian has breakaway capability, breakaway speed," Gotto said. "He also had some nice tackles on the varsity as a defensive back. Dylan Allen at fullback and defensive back competed real well.

"We moved our offense consistently with Abel running the ball and Matt Snyder and Gary Smith as lead blockers," Gotto noted.

With just 25 on the roster, Gotto said, "Some doubled up, played two ways. Keith Horton at center and defensive end, Hayden Poff at running back and defensive back, and Tyler Harness. Tyler played well in the line."

Gotto noted that 22 participated in the scrimmage and that "all had a chance to help us."

Newcomer Bryan Evans, who was injured last year, was back at fullback and linebacker, with Gotto saying, "Julio Reyo showed some ability, and David Beas in the offensive and defensive line. Sophomores Tanner Marr and Richard Gonzales helped."

First Game

The Tigers host Reeds Spring, Mo., for their first game on Friday, Sept. 4, in Tiger Stadium. Game time is 7 p.m.

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