Island ladies brave heat on play days

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- The Holiday Island Ladies braved the heat on June 24 and played an individual game with low chips as play of the day

Winners in the 18-hole division were:

1st Flight: Kelly Trahan, Saundra DeGarimore, Nola Banister.

2nd Flight: Bonnie Mapes, Patty Edwards, Audrey Bott.

3rd Flight: Mary Lou Smith, Sheila Forrer, Sarah Wachner.

Low Putts for the day: Saundra DeGarimore.

Chip-ins: Saundra DeGarimore, No. 13

Birdies: Saundra DeGarimore, No. 13

Winners in the 9-hole division were:

Tie for 1st: Nancy Crouse, Colleen Inman, Leona Snyder, Dee Frossard; Phyllis Willians, Kay Janky, Elna Sieg.

2nd: Betty Wallace, Joan Ford, Connie Stielow.

Low Putts for the day: Nancy Crouse.

Chip-ins: Colleen Inman Nos. 6 and 9.

Birdies: Colleen Inman, No. 9.

July 1

On July 1 the Holiday Island Ladies played a team game called "Eliminator." A choice, with rotation, of individual hole scores was used for the team score.

Winners in the 9-Hole Division were:

Tie for 1st with a score of 54: Betty Wallace, Ginny Jankowsky, Elna Sieg; Pat Warsop, Kay Janky, Bea King, Glenna Cates.

2nd with a 55: Nancy Crouse, Joan Ford, Norma Rix

Low putts for the day: Kay Janky (15).

Winners in the 18-Hole Division were:

1st with a score of 81: Nola Banister, Jean Horning, Jeanette Gushwa, Mary Lou Smith.

2nd with an 87: Sue Dillard, Mary Mills, Mary Smith, Sheila Forrer.

3rd with an 88: Lora Colby, Carolyn Williams, Wanda Stuck, Gail Barnard.

4th with an 89: Kathy Kuhn, Jean Sylvester, Connie Woolhiser, Eleen Onda.

Low putts for the day: Barb Kuhn (26).

Chip-ins: Audrey Bott, Bonnie Mapes, Nola Banister, Jean Horning, Connie Woolhiser.

Birdies: Sue Dillard, Holes 7, 9,16; Nola Banister, No. 6.

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