Trusty's efforts create new courthouse sign

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
"Captain" Kirk and Simon Steele, state prison trustys at the Carroll County Detention Center, posed in front of new signage they erected at the Carroll County Courthouse in Berryville. The two built the rockwork surrounding the sign using donated stones from Wayne Whiteley's Wayne's World.

By Anna Mathews

Carroll County News

BERRYVILLE -- New signage is up at the Carroll County Courthouse in Berryville.

State prison trustys Simon Steele and Logan Kirk, also known as Capt. Kirk, erected the sign and constructed the rockwork surrounding it.

They used rocks hauled to town by Wayne Whiteley, who said he and his grandkids gathered the stones from his farm at Dean, a place he refers to as "Wayne's World."

According to Greg Hill, administrative assistant to County Judge Sam Barr, part of the sign was crafted by McKinney Fabrication using a water jetting process to create a design that was a combination of ideas from various sources.

Mission Minded at Berryville Machine Shop added the powder coating, said Steele, and he and Capt. Kirk welded the sign together at the maintenance shop at Carroll County Detention Center where both are inmates.

Hill said the cost of the new sign, which will come out of the county building fund, should be minimal because of free inmate labor and free rocks from Wayne's World. "All we'll be paying for is the metal and powder coating," he said.

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