Gordon returns to Carroll County to lead Sheriff's Office CID

Friday, June 19, 2009

By Anna Mathews

Carroll County News

BERRYVILLE -- Back on the beat in Berryville and points beyond is Ralph Gordon, a returning investigator who departed for a time to explore Boone County adventures.

Gordon holds the rank of lieutenant at the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. He is the Criminal Investigation Division department head, and one of the department's top investigators.

Gordon became involved in law enforcement after retiring from the U.S. Navy with 20 years of service.

During his naval career, Gordon said he had been coming to the Ozarks with his wife Linda, whose family hails from the Oak Grove area.

When departing his last duty station in Charleston, S.C., Gordon said it was an easy decision to move to Carroll County and settle in the Oak Grove area.

"I had fallen in love with it here in the early 1970s," he recalled.

Gordon said he stayed "retired" for all of six months. He hired on with the City of Berryville as a street department crew member working under Sam Goade, who was city superintendent at the time.

He departed that job to take a position with the Green Forest Police Department, which sent him to the police academy for his officer certification, and later to clandestine lab school for additional certification.

Gordon said he departed the GFPD after four years to hire on with the sheriff's office as an investigator in 2002. There he expanded his knowledge and received certification as a crime scene technician.

Four years later, he was on the move again, this time to the Boone County Sheriff's Office, where he attended advanced crime scene technician school and earned another certification.

Gordon said he moved not only his job that time, but his residence as well, buying a home in the city limits of Harrison.

Asked why he was returning, Gordon said he was "homesick."

"Although it was not far, I was looking to get back," he explained. Gordon said he wanted to be closer to Oak Grove and Linda's family, and closer to the Green Forest area where his son, daughter-in-law and grandkids live.

Currently, he has his Harrison home on the market and is planning to purchase a "rural" home in the Berryville area.

As for his return to the CCSO beat, Gordon says he knows "about half" of the deputies, investigators and jailers from his previous employment there, but this will be his first time to work with Sheriff Bob Grudek.

Describing his time with the department since returning June 1, Gordon said simply, "It's great to be back."

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