FLW pro fisherman shares tips, new lures during visit with Matt

Friday, June 12, 2009
FLW pro fisherman Mike Hawkes, 13th in the world

"Calling fishing a hobby is like calling a brain surgery a job."

--Paul Schullery

This week's trip was no trip at all but rather an opportunity to sit down with a professional fisherman and pick his brain.

Mike Hawkes was in town visiting a friend. I had the good fortune to visit with him and ask some questions.

Mike Hawkes fishes the FLW Tour and FLW Series. He has pocketed almost a half a million in winnings and has won one tourney while finishing in the top ten six times.

He has fished in 74 events since 2000 and regularly appears on the Versus channel. Mike is currently ranked 13th on the FLW tour and 49th in the world.

CCN- How did you get started as a pro?

Mike- "I graduated college in '82. I bought my first boat in '85 and fished every chance I got. I always idolized Rick Clunn (now they are friends).

"I only owned a boat for about two and a half years and turned pro. It was something I always wanted to do. I was BASS rookie of the year and fished the classic.

"I had a very bad car accident after that and did not get a check for two years. I went back to teaching and coaching and tried it again in '99."

CCN-Who are your sponsors?

Mike- "Yamaha, Skeeter, Sebile', and Reaction Innovations."

CCN- What are your fishing strengths?

Mike- "My strength is deep crankin'. I'm good at everything, just not the best at anything."

CCN- What's the next big bait that someone like me isn't aware of?

Mike- "The flutter spoon."

CCN- Are most pros power fishermen or finesse fisherman?

Mike- "Power all the way. If we pick up a spinning rod we feel like we are giving up."

CCN- Do you ever fish for fun anymore?

Mike- "Rarely if ever do I just fish for fun. It's all practice and getting ready for the next event."

Mike and I had many things in common. We are both ex-coaches, both have called South Texas home, and both hate cold weather.

Mike is a class act and I appreciate the time he took to just sit and visit with me.

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