Tigers 1-1 in tourney

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FLIPPIN -- The Green Forest Tiger baseball team won their opening game of the White River Classic 10-8 over the Jasper Pirates on Friday, but ran out of pitchers on Saturday and lost 12-4 to Nemo Vista, ending their play in the tournament.

"Josiah Goodman and Caleb Eagleson had thrown 70 pitches the day before, and we have two conference games Monday," Coach Tony Coffey said. "I didn't want to waste their arms. They can only throw 10 innings in three days."

Vs. Jasper

JA- 8R-9H-2E

GF- 10R-8H-0E

"We hit the ball well, took a lot of extra bases," Coach Coffey said. "We only had 10 players."

Big hits included home runs from Jarrid Fredrick and Josiah Goodman. "They got pitches they knew what to do with," Coffey said.

JA- 3-3-0-1-0-0-1

GF- 2-2-1-4-1-0-

Pitching- Eagleson- 2I- 5W, 2K, 5H; Goodman- 4I- 2W, 9K, 4H; Fredrick- 1I- 4W, 3K, 0H.

Hits- Brian Badley- 1/3, 2R; Eagleson- 2/3, (2), (3), 2R, RBI, W; Fredrick- 2/3, HR, 1RS, 3 RBI, W; Goodman- 1/4, HR, 1RS, 2 RBI; Joel Warren- 1/4, 2 RBI; Matt Wellborn- 1/3, 1RS; Jesus Lozano- 1W, 1RS.

Vs. Nemo Vista

GF- 4R-7H-1E

NV- 12R-9H-3E

Coach Coffey pitched Fredrick, Goodman, Brian Badley and Colby Burnett as he tired to spread the pitches around.

"Jarrid pitched real well, adjusted to the umpires. I was proud of him," Coffey said. "We also used Brian Badley on the mound. We'll need him this year. He hit the ball well in this game."

GF- 1-2-1-0-0-0-0

NV- 2-0-0-0-9-1-

Pitching- Fredrick- 4-1/3 I- 3W, 6K, 6H; Badley- 1/3 I- 3W, 2H; Burnett- 0I- 2W; Goodman- 1-1/3 I- 0w, 4K, 1H.

Hits- Badley- 2/4, 1R, RBI; Eagleson- 1/3, RBI, W; Fredrick- 1/1, 1RS, 3W; Goodman- 1/4, (2); Nathan Shaw- 1/3, W; Burnett- 0/2, 1RS, W; Cody Kilgore- 1/2, 1RS, W.

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