Bobcats top Cardinals, but Eagles fly to championship

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BERRYVILLE -- A tremendous effort against the Farmington Cardinals on Friday earned the Berryville Bobcats a 54-51 victory in the semifinals of the 1-4A District Tournament but left them out of gas for the championship game against the Huntsville Eagles on Saturday.

The Eagles, recovering from a close 48-43 game with Pea Ridge on Friday, unleashed a barrage of threes in the third quarter to take a 47-25 win for the tournament championship.

Both teams advance to the 4A North Region Tournament in Ozark this week. Berryville (19-11) faces Clarksville at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, while Huntsville (24-6) faces Subiaco Academy at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Also advancing are Farmington, playing West Fork Thursday at 5:30 p.m., and Pea Ridge, facing No. 1 Dardanelle Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

1-4A Semifinals

Friday, Feb. 20

Vs. Farmington

12-14, 24-28, 32-38, 54-51

It will be called "The Shot" for years to come, that last second 3-point arching rainbow fired calmly by Caleb Price with just 12 ticks left on the clock.

After a mighty battle for 31 minutes and 48 seconds, Price sealed the win for Berryville with a 3-pointer from the deep right corner, breaking a 51-51 tie and putting the Bobcats up 54-51 for the win.

"That was a huge shot, for anybody," Coach Brent Compton said. "The last two or three games Caleb shot outside pretty well. We've been encouraging him to be more aggressive.

"We've been close to winning big games. It's a relief for the kids to know they can win big games."

Price hit 2 threes and scored 10 points, with teammate K.J. Phillips netting 21 tough inside points, including one monster rebound with 54 seconds to go, taken away from three Farmington rebounders.

"K.J. was way over the rim on that rebound," Compton said. "Nobody was going to take it away from him. He ripped it. That allowed us to run the clock down for a last shot."

Berryville trailed the entire game until Gavin Osnes hit a 3-pointer at 5:40 of the fourth quarter when Farmington went to a zone, giving the Bobcats a 39-38 lead. John Howerton added a layup to make it 41-38, but Farmington came back to lead 44-41.

Levi Hereth hit a three to tie the game at 44-all at 3:48, Price added a deuce, and Nick Roller hit a huge layup with 1:18 to go to tie it again at 51-51. Price's three got the win.

"For the spectators, you couldn't have had a better game," Compton said. "For the coaches, you just hold your breath and hope it comes out."

Scoring- BV- Phillips- 21, 1/3 Fts; Osnes- 11, 1 3s, 3/3 Fts; Price- 10, 2 3s; 5's- Hereth, 1 3s, Howerton- 1/1 Fts; Roller- 2. Team- 4 3s, 5/7 Fts. FN- Tyler Haskins- 18, 4/6 Fts; Blake Abrecht- 14, 1 3s, 3/3 Fts; Woodward- 7; Yochum- 6; Purdy- 5. Team- 4 3s, 11/14 Fts.

Championship Game

Vs. Huntsville

4-6, 12-15, 18-36, 25-47

"We didn't have anything left," Coach Compton said. "We expended so much energy Friday night we didn't have the legs to play defense like we wanted to. I'm not taking anything away from Huntsville. They played a good game."

K.J.Phillips was high scorer for Berryville with 12 points, with Coach Compton saying, "K.J. tried to carry us, but nothing was going in."

Huntsville broke the game open in the third quarter when Eagle Kaleb Houston hit 3 3-point shots to score 19 second-half points. Huntsville hit 9 threes in the game.

Scoring- BV- Phillips- 12, 2/5 Fts; Hereth- 5; Garrett Griffith- 4, 2/2 Fts; 2's- Travis McBryde, Nick Roller. Team- 4/7 Fts., 1 3s. HV- Houston- 19; Bailey Counts- 14; Whorton- 6; Grigg- 3; 2's- Kirk, Bohannon; Shrum- 1. Team- 9 3s, 12/18 Fts.

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