GF council reviewing wastewater proposals

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GREEN FOREST -- The city council held a special meeting to consider another proposal for upgrades needed at the wastewater treatment plant.

The council met at the depot Monday morning, to hear from representatives of Reid Engineering, Inc., a Virginia firm with extensive experience in designing wastewater treatment plants.

Officials with Tyson Foods also attended the presentation. Tyson Foods had asked the council for permission to hire REI to submit a proposal, because Tyson's thought a proposal prepared by another engineering firm was too expensive.

McGoodwin Williams & Yates is an engineering firm which the city had hired, and MWY had submitted a plan with a price tag of some $6.7 million. As the largest water user in Green Forest, Tyson expects to bear a large portion of the cost of building a new wastewater plant. REI outlined a plan with an estimated cost of $4.25 million.

The council was scheduled to convene again at the depot Monday afternoon to hear from MWY. That meeting will be covered in the Feb. 27 Weekend edition of Carroll County News.

REI's proposal focused on a new holding tank. That tank would stabilize the amount of water running through the plant, despite changes in flow at different times of day or different days of the week.

The plant design would not require any additional personnel, and would reduce the cost of chemicals currently used at the wastewater facility.

The plant would be able to meet the state's current levels for reducing nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. REI representatives said the state may eventually introduce even more stringent requirements, and the design of the plant would make it relatively easy to meet those higher standards.

A large holding tank would also make it easier for wastewater workers to deal with an unusual load, for example if water from Tyson's comes through with higher than usual levels of nitrogen.

Wastewater Supervisor Shawn Raglin had traveled with Alderman Mike Miller to look at a Maryland plant constructed along the lines of this proposal. Raglin agreed that the plant was simple and easily operated.

REI plans to use sub-consultants from this region, including Engineering Services Inc. of Springdale.

REI's proposal listed the following benefits to Green Forest:

* Improved nitrogen removal.

* Eliminate of cost of carbon source.

* Reduced cost of alum

* Reduced cost of alkalinity chemicals.

* Reduced overall operating cost.

* Flow equalization.

* Wet weather surge protection.

* Shorter design and construction schedule.

* Reduced cost to the city.

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