Entergy warns those still disconnected to open main breakers

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CARROLL COUNTY -- As of Feb. 6, almost all Entergy customers in Carroll County had their service restored.

The remaining customers mostly had issues pertaining to their specific service, such as a problem with the line from the transformer to the house, or with the weatherhead and meter base.

Some of these problems did not become apparent until service was restored in the area, and Entergy officials encouraged their customers to report freshly-discovered problems with service.

Entergy officials said anyone needing a reconnection because of damage on the customer side of the transformer should turn off their main circuit breaker. When crews come to restore power, they will test for a load on the service, and if the service is drawing current, they will not be able to reactivate it.

This is the same safety policy in place for new customers. The company requires the main breaker to be open, for the safety of residents and Entergy workers alike.

Entergy's service in Carroll County is primarily located within the city limits of Berryville and Green Forest. Entergy serves all of Boone County, however, and as of Friday, some 2,100 customers there were still without power.

Customer Service Manager Mike Brown said despite the hardships, the vast majority of people have shown patience and understanding. In rare cases, however, frustration has boiled over into outright threats, and some encounters have been referred to law enforcement authorities.

Even as work continues to repair poles and broken lines in Boone County, some Entergy personnel have been able to shift their efforts from construction teams to service teams, to attend to individual outages.

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