Little Portion Hermitage in need of emergency donations

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Little Portion Hermitage in Eureka Springs lost their aging generator over the weekend and is asking the community to help with donations to purchase several new smaller ones.

Little Portion is struggling to get back on its feet after a devastating fire last fall. During last week's storm and power outage, the hermitage has been running on a 40+ year-old generator from an old nuclear missile silo, with "most of its parts very old and irreplaceable," said John Michael Talbot, Little Portion founder.

"We are planning to replace it with four or five smaller new generators that are better suited to our emergency needs. This will be an overall investment of around $25,000, and hopefully less. In a way, this mechanical failure has brought to light our need to be better prepared for such emergencies at the monastery.

"The community is in very good spirits, but a week without power gets very old. They are saying that we may be days or weeks before power is restored. No one will say anything for sure. At this point we simply do not know."

Those who wish to help Little Portion with donations can make them online through their store by clicking here

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