Bobcat harriers race at Cassville

Friday, October 17, 2008
Berryville's Jeanette Morfin crossed the finish line at the Holiday Island Classic with a good time on Oct. 4, then led the team at Cassville, finishing 16th overall. The Lady Bobcat senior girls team was third. (David McNeal / CCN)

CASSVILLE, Mo. -- The Bobcat cross country teams crossed the state line on Monday to race in Missouri against a host of 7A teams from Arkansas.

Coach Doug Scheel said teams from Springdale, Rogers and Fayetteville came to Cassville for the races, making the fields tough competition with Missouri teams added in.

"Our junior boys finished second and the senior girls were third," Coach Scheel said. "The senior boys were fourth. Everybody ran in one class in their race."

The junior high teams ran a 1.5-mile course, with Scheel saying the junior boys "did real good. Pablo Villatoro led the pack. He's getting better and better. He finished seventh.

"Rick Porter was steady, finished 12th, and Ethan Chapin did real well, finished 23rd. Selvin Reyes was 24th and Ethan Steeley 25th."

The junior girls' squad has had a lot of injuries recently, but Coach said Abby Teague had a "great outing, finished 28th. Betsy Boche had a good day, was 31st, Chelsey Grigg was 32nd, and Mckenna Hussey was 33rd. They did good against the 7A kids."

The senior high teams ran a 5K course, with the senior girls third.

"They had a good day," Scheel said. "Jeanette Morfin keeps getting better, was 16th, and Yulianna Castillo was 17th. Katie Swofford was 22nd and Alisha Fivesh was 33rd. Abbey Pinkley finished 35th, did a good job, and Beth Epley was 34th.

"They all ran pretty well. We still have some that are hurt that could come back and help us later," Scheel said.

The senior boys finished back in the pack at fourth place. Coach said Osman Gallando did a good job, as did Sergio Gomez.

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