Goodbye cake for Paula Simon

Friday, October 3, 2008
Holding a piece of her "goodbye" cake, Paula Simon smiled while saying adieu to friends and co-workers after serving four Carroll County judges during the past five years. Simon hired on to work with Judge Ed Robertson in 2003 after leaving her post with Green Forest Police Chief John Bailey. She also worked with judges Mike Botelho, Ulys K. Smith, and current judge Richard Williams. Simon says she and her sister Rolene Arnett are moving to Arizona to help a family member who is facing medical problems. They sold their Holiday Island condo within 24 hours two months ago, and her Camero sold in one day, she said. The move has been a "work in progress," she commented, saying "It's a new adventure. We don't like the reason, but obviously it's time because of how things came together." Simon and sister were scheduled to leave the state Thursday.

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