County golf teams meet

Friday, August 29, 2008

BERRYVILLE -- The Tiger, Leopard and Highlander golf teams met Monday at the Carroll County Country Club for match play in some of the best, and driest weather of the season.

The Eureka Springs boys won their match with a 154 total, while Green Forest and  Alpena tied at 162. The Eureka girls also won to make a sweep of it, 173 to Alpena's 195. Green Forest didn't have enough for a team this time.

Individual Results


Eureka Springs- 1- Dustin  Morrell- 42; 2- Nick Bower- 53; 3- Will Adams- 59; 4- Joey Chatterton- 69; 5- Josh Sharp- 79.

Green Forest- 1- Nathan Shaw- 51; 2- Michael Grigg- 58; 3- Eric Holderfield- 63.

Alpena- 1- Woodworth- 38; 2- Lee- 62; 3- Cabe- 62; 4- Daniels- 80.


Eureka Springs- 1- Laura Winters- 47; 2- Emily Payne- 55; 3- Colleen Boardman- 60; 4- Kimberlie Hansen- 71.

Alpena- Good- 60; Hern- 65; Martin- 67; Smith- 70; Daniels- 73; Bailey- 80.

Green Forest- 1- Kaitlin Blackburn- 47; 2- Lakyn James- 66.

Coaches Quotes

Highlander coach Aaron Hall said, "Dustin Morrell had a pretty decent score for a sophomore. It was solid, respectable, the second best score. Nick Bower, a ninth-grader, has ability. They're all getting better. I expect our three lowest scores to shave at least three strokes off by district.

"The girls, we have two around 100. Laura Winters shot 47 for nine holes, which is 94 for 18 holes, and Emily Payne shot 55, a 110. Those are good scores. Colleen, a ninth-grader, that 60 was a good score. Kimberlie was disappointed, but had some penalty strokes or would have been right in there."

Tiger coach Kyle Farrar said, "The weather was nice, not like our first three matches. The fairways were real nice. The kids played really well. There were a lot of nice scores."

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