HI groups protest cleaning and usage fees for facilities

Friday, August 22, 2008

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Representatives of several property owner groups protested the implementation of Amendment #12 at the Holiday Island Board of Commissioners meeting Monday.

The amendment imposes a cleaning fee to cover the cost of "deep cleaning" the district's meeting facilities, in addition to a standing cleaning deposit groups must post to cover a possible failure to do minimal cleaning after their events. The district will contract with someone to clean all the facilities once a month.

"In the past, we've operated on a user system," said District Manager Kevin Crosson. "The fee structure will hopefully make it easier on each of the user groups."

"We always clean up after ourselves," said representatives of a number of groups. Some suggested their group's fees should be waived because they make donations to the district for improvement of the facilities.

But how to determine fairly which groups do and do not clean up after themselves is nearly impossible, Commissioner Bill Branum pointed out, as staff cannot always be there to monitor between two groups' consecutive usage, especially at night.

Other property owners objected to the term "usage fee" in the amendment. David Dunn noted the rule has to work both ways. Groups will have to be monitored, and the groups will expect the facility to be clean "regardless of the duration between meetings."

Crosson recommended the board have a first reading on the amendment at Monday's upcoming business meeting. If the board approves both first reading this month and second reading in September, the new rules will go into effect Oct. 1.

(Ed. note: For the complete text of Draft #2 of Reg. 26-2002, Amendment #12, click here).

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