HI Commissioners eye changes in amenity regulation

Friday, July 25, 2008

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- The Holiday Island Board of Commissioners is looking at making changes to its "amenity regulation," Reg. 26-2002, with regard to the new golf discount card, formerly known as the "family card," and the setting of usage fees and cleaning deposits for use of district meeting facilities.

At the board's Monday work session, District Manager Kevin Crosson introduced draft Amendment #12 with a quip about his "continuing efforts to be popular in Holiday Island," knowing the active retirement community would have feedback on the proposed changes.

The district had made a rule change for this year that property owners with a golf discount card must accompany guests to the Pro Shop to play golf. The rule was put in place to prevent an abuse of the system wherein a property owner would buy cards and distribute or sell them for discounted golf.

Crosson said the district had received "a significant amount of resistance" to property owners having to accompany guests.

Many property owners purchased the cards, noted Commissioner Ken Mills, but "the round count doesn't show abuse. These are the people that used to pay the $32."

Another objection to the rule is that property owners who are out of town or are non-resident cannot accompany their guests to the Pro Shop.

The board discussed ways to track who is buying and using the card with the new Point of Sale system the district purchased last year.

Crosson suggested the district evaluate the program through the rest of this year and come back with recommendations.

The board also discussed under Amendment #12 how to charge fair usage and cleaning fees to groups that use district facilities, especially those three with kitchen facilities: the Clubhouse, the Barn and the Island Room.

The revision requires both an annual non-refundable usage fee and an annual reservation/cleaning deposit, based on the facility and who is using it.

Crosson said the district will do a "deep cleaning" of the facilities once a month, but groups are expected to clean up after their events.

Deposits for the Clubhouse ballroom with kitchen facilities are per event, while other deposits are per year. If the district has to pull any or all of a deposit to clean up after a group, the group will have to replenish the deposit.

The revision's first draft had set different deposit fees for "service" and "non-service" organizations, but commissioners suggested eliminating that distinction because it is too difficult to define.

Under the broad heading of "Holiday Island clubs and organizations," groups would pay a usage fee of $125 (plus tax) a year for six or fewer events and $200 for seven or more for the Clubhouse ballroom with kitchen; $75 a year for six or fewer events and $125 for seven or more for the Clubhouse ballroom alone or the Barn with kitchen; and $50 a year for six or fewer events or $100 a year for seven or more for the Island Room.

Rental rates for individual property owners and non-property owners have also been modified for Multipurpose Room A, the Barn, the Island Room and the Pavilion. (Ed note: Read the full text of the draft changes here.

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