County's Habitat for Humanity progressing on several fronts

Friday, June 27, 2008

CARROLL COUNTY -- Although the local Habitat for Humanity program does not currently have a house under construction, members of the organization have been busy with planning for the future.

As an example, a local nonprofit agency is preparing to donate 35 acres to the Carroll County Habitat for Humanity. That property is not well situated for the program's needs, but the sale of the property will fund other construction for low-income residents of the county.

CCHFH volunteers have raised funds by working at parking lots. The organization also had a booth at the County Realtors and Builders Home Show. Some local philanthropic organizations make regular contributions to Habitat. And of course, the CCHFH relies on donations from the general public, as well.

Publicity chairman and former vice-president Bob Huston said the CCHFH has received official recognition as a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that donors can take a tax deduction for donations of money or building materials.

A storage facility has donated space to the CCHFH to keep building materials which have been donated. Huston said the organization has received a lot of building materials.

"Contractors give us some of their surplus, and the Grand View Hotel gave us some of their leftover materials," Huston said. "And people who donate construction materials, shelving, cabinets, or desks can take a tax write-off." Donors are given receipts for their contributions.

With so much donated material coming in, the CCHFH is considering establishing a "re-store." This facility would be similar to other thrift shops, raising money by selling donated items to the public.

Huston said the re-store project would most likely be located in Berryville, because of its central location.

He also said the organization will probably start another new home for a low-income family within the next three months.

"We have almost half the amount we need to build," Huston said.

More information about the CCHFH is available at (479) 253-7301.

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