HI Recreation Center Master Planning Process

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District

Recreation Center Master Planning Process

This report will list the suggested next steps in the finalization of a Recreation Center Master Plan for Recreation Programming and Recreation Facilities at Holiday Island Arkansas.

The Phase I of the Recreation Center Master Plan was a comprehensive Facilities Review and "'conceptual ' ideas for new construction and for improving the types of amenities offered at the Recreation Complex" This phase was completed in September 2004 by Morrison Architecture.

The first task of the Second Phase of our Recreation Master Plan was a needs assessment survey accomplished in the summer of 2007. A survey was completed by resident property owners and non-resident property owners. 2,582 surveys were mailed and 921 were returned. (36%). A town hall meeting, attended by over 50 property owners, was conducted, as well as key person interviews. This assessment of Holiday Island resident property owners and non resident property owners identified desired programs, satisfaction with current facilities, and future facilities desired. A demographic section provided a sampling of the residents of Holiday Island. . According to the figures from the needs assessment the three facilities that the respondents indicated were most needed were:

Fitness center

Indoor pool

Walking and biking trail.

The top five programs the respondents would be most interested in participating in are

Fitness classes

Organized trips

Computer classes

Adult education classes

Arts and crafts classes

The second task in Phase II of completing the Recreation Center Master Plan will be to hire a strategic planning firm to complete a strategic planning summit. The initial thoughts of this summit would be to include major area organizational stake holders who would benefit from the completion of the Holiday Island Recreation Center Master Plan

We would look within our region and identify possible partners in our venture of completing our Recreation Center Master Plan. This list is not intended to limit participation from other stakeholders, but rather to act as a starting point for the possible list of invitees of the planning summit.

St. John's Berryville Hospital.

The Eureka Springs Hospital

Holiday Island Development Corporation

The Eureka Springs School System

The Carroll-Madison County Library

Carroll County Judge

Table Rock Landing Managers

Office of Human Concern

Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District

Holiday Island Homeowners Association


Peachtree Village

In Phase II, task #2, which will be certainly guided by our consultant, the leaders or their designees of these organizations would be invited to gather in a roundtable strategic visioning summit about collaborating on the completion of the Holiday Island Recreation Center Master Plan. One idea for this group would be to look at the big picture of our region and identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We would discover ways to build on our strengths, resolve our weaknesses, exploit our opportunities, and avoid our threats. However, understand the process will be established by the consultant and directed by the consultant. Prior to the selection of the consultant we will identify our goals of this summit.

Master Planning is not an easy and quick process. As we plan, we know that many factors influence our present decisions and may change how we look at past decisions. The following conceptual outline and time frame is to act as a guide to the finalization and adoption of a Recreation Center Master Plan... I think our residents are poised and ready to help with this project, as is evident from the 36% return from the needs assessment survey.

Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District

Recreation Center Master Planning Process

June 23, 2008

Phase I -- Facilities Review


Facilities Review -- Morrison Architecture

Existing Facilities -- Upgrades and Improvements 2004 -- 2008

*See Attached Schedule*

Phase II -- Master Plan Development


Task #1:Needs Assessment -- Prof. Joseph Gaa 2007
Task #2:Organizational Stakeholder Analysis 7/08 -- 12/08

Utilize Morrison Facilities Review, Needs Assessment,

Historical Utilization Documentation

Refine, from Needs Assessment, structure utilization

(define "multi-use facility")

Refine financing options, identify partners

Review of other area community projects

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Final Report

Task #3:Programming/Feasibility Study 1/09 -- 5/09

Finalize utilization spaces

Area use designations

Location of facilities

Conceptual drawings

Planning cost estimates

Task #4:Master Plan Document Compilation and Presentation 5/09 -- 8/09

Task #5:Master Plan Adoption by District BOC 8/09 -- 11/09
Phase III -- Master Plan Implementation

Final identification and establishment of financing

Schedule development

Construction plans/specifications


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