Community Center club earns awards at tournament

Friday, June 6, 2008
The Berryville Community Center Karate Club participated in the Pittsburgh, Kan., Genbui-Kai Karate tournament in April and earned a number of awards. At right, Shihan Fumio Demura was main guest at the event. He is one of the pioneer martial artists and made Hollywood movies using his skills. Photo submitted.

BERRYVILLE -- On April 26 the Berryville Community Center Karate Club traveled to Pittsburgh, Kan., to attend the annual Genbu-kai Karate invitation-only tournament. The annual tournament has quickly become one of the largest traditional tournaments in the Mid-West.

The tournament's main guest was Shihan (master instructor) Fumio Demura, who is head of the Genbu-kai organization. Shihan Demura is one of the pioneer martial artists in the United States.

There were approximately 180 entries that competed in forms competition, along with sparring, weapons forms, and weapons fighting.

Contestants came from Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maine, Minnesota, Connecticut, California, Arizona, and Indiana, as well as Canada.

This was the fourth year the Berryville Community Center Karate Club has attended the event. The results of the competition were as follows:

9-10 year old intermediate- Ian Galey 1st Sparring, 3rd Weapons;

11-12 year old Beginners- Leanna Wilson 1st Forms, 4th Sparring; Kristina Garcia 2nd Forms, 4th Weapons; 11-12 year old Intermediate- Noah Galey 2nd Forms, 3rd Sparring;

13-15 year old Beginners- Mitch Curtis 4th Sparring, 1st Weapons; 13-15 year old Intermediate- Daniel Galey 2nd Forms, 1st Sparring, 2nd Weapons, 1st Weapons Sparring; Lucas Galey 4th Forms, 2nd Sparring, 4th Weapons, 2nd Weapons Sparring; Nathaniel Myers 1st Forms, 1st Weapons, 3rd Weapons Sparring;

13-15 year old Advanced- Alex Ledesma 1st Forms, 1st Weapons; 13-15 year old Brown Belts- Cameron High 3rd Forms, 1st Sparring, 2nd Weapons;

16-35 year old- Jamie Munday 2nd Forms, 4th Sparring, 2nd Weapons Sparring; Frank Wheeler 4th Forms, 4th Sparring;

Over 35 Beginners- Robert Henson 3rd Forms, 1st Sparring; Over 35 Intermediate- Ron Flake 1st Forms; Over 35 Brown Belts- Mike Ledesma 2nd Forms, 1st Weapons; Black Belt Sensei Fred Anderson- 1st Forms, 1st Weapons.

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