Copper thieves hit in Berryville again

Friday, June 6, 2008

BERRYVILLE -- Police are investigating the recent theft of copper wire from two Berryville locations.

The most recent involved copper wire installed in the new restroom/shower facility under construction at the Berryville RV Park.

Thieves reportedly parked and left headlights shining into the structure while they cut the copper that had been installed by R.G.S. Electric.

The theft was reported on June 2 by Ricky Smith, with R.G.S., who estimated the cost to replace the stolen and damaged copper at $4,100.

The other copper theft was reported on May 28 by Neil Rushing, an engineering technician for Carroll Electric.

According to the police report, Rushing said 16 rolls of copper wire were stolen, along with two rolls of metal "bird wire," and a box of crimpets, from the Carroll Electric substation on Cisco Road. He reported that a construction company by the name of Hutton was in charge of the material and it was not locked up.

Police say their investigation included a trip to Tom Bar recycling, where an employee reported receiving some copper that matched the description of what had been stolen from the restroom/shower facility.

The investigation is continuing, police say, noting that thefts of catalytic converters and car batteries are suddenly on the rise.

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