Off the Beaten Path - June 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Where do I begin? The difficult economy, with high fuel and food prices, is forcing people to make some big changes in the way they live. I know it has forced my husband and me to take a good look at how and where we spend our money, to cut down on our trips to Rogers and even to Eureka.

An article online on, "Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare," talks about people who are making their homes and lives more self-sufficient: planting gardens, putting in solar energy, accumulating non-electric tools and appliances, etc.

It's not a bad idea around here, either. Because of our isolated location, if fuel prices force truckers to bypass this little burg, food supplies could be limited or eliminated, or the costs go could even higher as the cost of getting food here goes higher.

Fortunately, there are good things happening around here. Several people have started community gardens. And there is the Time Bank. When I interviewed Stacy Mahurin about the Time Bank, I didn't expect to get so excited about the concept that I would jump in and say, "Sure, I'll be one of the coordinators!" But I did, and am currently serving as the webmaster.

Please think about joining. Many of you are living on fixed incomes and could use some free help in various areas. And with being retired and having more free time on your hands, you can give back as well. It's a wonderful system for seniors and draws them into the community in a way that doesn't just take volunteer hours from them but gives them back as well. You can read my story about it on our website, Enter "Time Bank" in the search field.

Speaking of webmasters, we are making some big changes with our new website, I've added a Holiday Island News link under Special Publications and will have more frequent updates of happenings in Holiday Island than can come out in the monthly paper.

Expect to see video in the near future as well. Put on a clean shirt, commissioners. You'll soon be on "Candid Camera!"