Holiday Island Planning Commission recap

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Holiday Island Planning Commission meets every Friday at 8:30 a.m. at its office in the Park Shopping Center at 1 Parkcliff Drive, Suite D. Permit and related requests are considered first, followed by other business.

May 2

* Approved Permit #M-16 to Corey Torel on behalf of property owner Dick O'Neil to remodel two bathrooms at 57 Twin Peak Drive.

* Approved Permit #M-17 to Tom Dees for plumbing work at 5 Forest Park Drive, Ste. A.

* Approved a plan for contractor Jack Cross to join two decks for property owners Paula and Forest Windham at 4 Bandy Lane.

* Approved a 30-day extension to Permit #2173 for Fred Nelson, who is building a 5,209-square-foot house at 2 Bandy Lane for property owners Susan and Wesley Stille.

May 9

* Approved minor modifications to mechanical Permit #M-15 for Gary Richardson, who is enlarging an exterior bathroom at 106 Holiday Island Drive.

May 16

* Approved paying the building inspector the entire inspection fee for inspecting plumbing at 54 Twin Peak Drive, which was covered with drywall before inspection could take place.

May 23

* Approved Mechanical Permit #M-18 to Craig Fee to replace water service at 16 West Bluff Lane.

* Approved Mechanical Permit #M-19 to Billy Wright for electrical and plumbing work at 105 Summit Drive.

* Approved Security Light Permit #74 at 9 Sunkist Lane for Charles Hardt, and a dog fence at the side of his house.

* Approved a front deck at 191 Valley Drive for Ed Turner.

Year to Date Permit Totals:

Homes: 6

Commercial: 1

Mobiles: 0

Remodels/Additions: 3

Mechanical: 11

Security Lights: 2

Permit Extensions: 10

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