New roof for ES Elementary proving costly

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EUREKA SPRINGS -- The Eureka Springs School Board is looking at a possible $864,000 price tag for the new roof on the elementary school.

This is about $300,000 more than the school district is planning to borrow on a revolving loan from the Department of Education, and $126,000 more than the ballpark estimate Morrison Architects gave the board at its November 2007 meeting.

Laura and Charlie Morrison presented a budget estimate at the board's monthly meeting Thursday. A breakdown of the work shows $785,000 for the roof retrofit, including painting the entire building to complement the middle school.

Replacing the HVAC units with new ones and moving them to the ground will cost $28,000. They said the existing unit is very old.

Board members asked whether money could be saved by continuing to use the old unit.

"That $28,000 is a net difference between the cost of new units and the work you don't have to do by reinstalling the existing unit down below," said Danny Wooldridge, vice-president of estimating at Kinco Construction.

Constructing a canopy between the elementary and middle schools and at the front of the elementary school is estimated at another $28,000.

Demolition and repair work at the east wall of the classroom wing, which may have extensive moisture damage, is estimated at $15,000. It could cost more or less; they won't know until they open it up.

Underground drainage at the east end of the building is estimated at $8,000.

Wooldridge said Kinco's fee is 9 percent of the cost, but he felt confident the $864,000 estimate is within 10 percent of the actual cost and is most likely the "worst case scenario." They won't know until they go out for actual bids from subcontractors.

The board voted to do the roof with all the additions. Kinco will return next month with a guaranteed maximum price.

The memorial at the rear of the building will be preserved until the board can find another suitable place to reconstruct it.

During public comment, Karen Gros and Enid Swartz both urged the district to include in its sex education program information about condom use for pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention.

The board agreed to have an update at the next meeting.

In other business, the board:

* Approved applying for a $500,000 revolving loan from the Department of Education at 4.9 percent for 10 years for the elementary school roof. It will discuss how to fund the balance of the project price at a future meeting.

* Approved the selection of social studies textbooks for next year.

* Approved a provision in the personnel policy to notify employees electronically about job openings but to remove the two-week waiting period for advertising those openings.

* Approved a $756 stipend for next year for a choir position, to be filled by the band director.

* Approved a $5,000 stipend for a speech pathologist.

* Approved hiring Kim Johnson as a third-grade teacher, the non-probationary teachers as listed, and accepted the resignations of three aides: Connie Zimmerman, Joe Wilson and Robin Cook.

* Discussed the possibility of a "sick leave bank," where employees could donate one day per year into a "bank" that others could draw on if they had a long-term illness and had used up their sick leave.

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