Junior High Basketball roundup

Friday, December 14, 2007

CARROLL COUNTY -- Coaches reported the following information about games played this week on Tuesday.


Eureka Springs vs. Shiloh

Jr. Girls- Eureka fell 8-12, 14-31, 18-47 and 20-51 to a quick, athletic Shiloh Christian team. For Eureka, Mariah Sanchez scored 7, Tabitha Willard 5, Tanisha Morrell 3, Emily Payne and Laura Winters 2 each, and Lindsey Clark 1.

For Shiloh, Persing had 10, Patterson and Russell 7 each, and Huffman and Parks 5 each.

Jr. Boys- Eureka fell 4-22, 8-30, 11-46 and 11-48 against a markedly taller Saints team. For Eureka, Nick Bower scored 4, Zack Cole and Peyton Troillett 3 each, and Will Adams 2. For Shiloh, Schisler netted 9, and Harper and Jones 8 each.

Berryville vs. Farmington

Jr. Boys- Berryville fell 7-15, 15-24, 23-26 and 34-42.

"We started slow, but we're not used to winning,"?Coach Brent Compton said. "When they realized they could win it, we got back in the game, just started too late.

"They will get more confidence. Their losses have been to good teams. I have confidence in them, they're real close."

Scoring- BV- Gavin Osnes- 13, 5/5 Fts; Garrett Griffith- 9, 2/4 Fts, 1 3s; Eric Holman- 5; Alex Dowdle- 4; 1's- Adam Noble, Blake Jeck. FN- Joey Sputo- 12; Chase Leichner- 9.

Jr. Girls- Berryville fell 0-1, 8-26, 19-40 and 21-46.

"They're improving," Coach Kristin Smith said. "They played hard the second half, their best half of the season. Some scored that haven't been. They were more aggressive."

Katie Swofford and Brenan Epley scored 7 each, Lindsey Newberry 3, and Makkayla Flores and Jodi King 2 each. For Farmington, Jones scored 16, Crist 13 and Lewis 11.

Green Forest vs. Omaha

Jr. Girls- Green Forest lost 14-14, 26-27 30-32 and 43-50 in a close match.

"It was nip-and-tuck," Coach Kyle Farrar said. "We played really hard, but Omaha made a few shots in the fourth and we missed a few. Kristen Anderson was hot the first half, had 12 points."

Scoring- GF- Kara Heads- 15, 5/7 Fts, 1 3s; Anderson- 12; Nikki Mullen- 8; 3's- Makynna Jorgensen, Katelyn Goodman, Teeka Tucker. Team- 10/18 Fts. OM- 13's- Perry, Metcalf; Compton- 10.

Jr. Boys- Green Forest lost a close one 5-6, 12-16, 24-27 and 32-40.

Cole Newberry scored 12, Jagger Wilson and Brian Badley 6 each, Dylan Allen 5, and Wesley Kilbourn 3. Moore had 25 for Omaha.

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