Lady Tigers sweep Panthers in opener

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Lady Tiger senior Sarah Goins beat Yellville-Summit's players to a loose ball during action last Thursday, as teammate Ashley Parton, left, stepped into help. Samantha Peden, No. 10, waited this one out. David McNeal / Carroll County News

GREEN FOREST -- The Lady Tiger basketball program got off to a great start last Thursday with the junior and senior girls both posting wins over former coach Mike Gotcher's two Yellville-Summit squads.

Coach Kyle Farrar made it 2-0 in his debut as the new Lady Tiger mentor, with the junior high girls winning 32-29 and the senior girls racing to a 73-53 victory.

"I'm real proud of the way the girls played,"?Coach Farrar said. "They were pretty nervous coming in, but they played really hard."

Senior High Girls

15-11, 37-22, 52-36, 73-53

Green Forest started pressing and stealing and fast breaking, and then they did it some more. It looked like a track meet and by the end of the first quarter the Lady Panthers were gassed.

Green Forest wasn't, as Coach Farrar sent wave after wave of hustling Lady Tigers into the fray, all busting it at full speed.

Kamarra Hoppe, Janessa Carlton, Kelsey Powell, Katie Heads and Ashley Parton started the onslaught, then Sarah Goins, Emily Campbell, Samantha Peden, Lakyn James and Amelia Villines took their turn.

Villines and others were just in from a very successful volleyball season but didn't show it. Villines led the scoring with 17 points, 13 in the first half and she didn't even start the game.

"Ashley Parton will help us and Amelia helped,"?Coach Farrar said. "I was very happy with our press. The kids finally understood it and that really impressed me."

Yellville had great height with two players more than 6-feet tall, with Mikayla Davenport scoring 14 and Talon Ranall 12 over the shorter Lady Tigers.

It was speed versus tall and speed won this one, although Green Forest fouled a lot to give Yellville all its points in the second quarter, a 9 for 18 effort at the free throw line.

"Kamarra got two fouls early, then came back in and kept the press going, grew up and led the team. She and Janessa will stay in unless they're hurt,"?Farrar said about his speedy guard duo.

So, sure enough, Carlton sprained an ankle in the second half and had to sit while Samantha Peden stepped in.

By the half 28 fouls had been called, but the game was never in doubt as Green Forest kept it revved up high to the end of the game, scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter.

GF- Villines- 17; Hoppe- 12; Heads- 10; Carlton- 9; Campbell- 7; Parton- 6; 4's- Goins, James; Peden- 2; 1's- Powell, Maranda Dickinson. Y-S- Davenport- 14; Ranall- 12; Hannah Treece- 8; 7's- April Martin, Debbie Norburg. Team- 20/36 Fts, 8/13 2nd half.

Junior High Girls

7-11, 13-16, 21-25, 32-39

It was a rough-and-ready struggle for three quarters, then eighth-grade point guard Nikki Mullen caught fire and scored six points in the fourth quarter to go with Kara Heads' 21 for the game as Green Forest outscored Yellville 11-4 that period to win.

Heads iced the game with a free throw with just 0:04 to play for the team's first win of the season.

"I finally got through to Nikki that she needed to be more aggressive,"?Coach Farrar said about the fourth quarter surge. "Our defense really picked up and we got after them the second half.

"The third and fourth quarter were pretty exciting. Katelyn Goodman played her butt off on defense and Kara, she will be there every single game. She does everything for us. They all came together tonight."

GF- Heads- 21, 4/7 Fts; Mullen- 8; Teeka Tucker- 2; Goodman- 1. Team- 5/12 Fts. Y-S- McFarland- 8, three others with 6.

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