Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week of Oct. 19

Oct. 19

3:57a.m. - A false alarm was triggered at a White Street restaurant.

12:29p.m. - Police investigate a Park s department pump house door which had been kicked in.

8:08p.m. - A lost purse was picked up at a a U.S. 62 East restaurant.

8:29p.m. - A welfare check was requested from a son for his father. His father was fine.

10:37p.m. - A report of drunk people at the lookout was unfounded.

Oct. 20

12:25a.m. - A motorist pulled over for a routine traffic stop and charged with a DWI also had an outstanding warrant in Berryville.

12:45a.m. - A group was advised to keep their noise down for the rest of the night after a complaint was filed.

2:12a.m. - A person sleeping in his car was told to get a room.

3:32a.m. - A truck parked illegally on Pine street was moved just before the tow truck hauled it away.

9:08a.m. - A women attempted to file a report about her housekeepers bad cleaning job.

11:47a.m. - Two men cursing at drivers on the historic loop were found.

12:32p.m. - A two car injury accident occurred on U.S. 62 East.

7:02p.m. - A caller complains about the noise at a North Main restaurant.

8:33p.m. - A trespasser is reported at Basin Spring Park.

9:19p.m. - A caller again complains about the noise at a North Main restaurant.

11:08p.m. - A vehicle driving recklessly was pulled over and the the driver was charged with DWI.

11:52p.m. - The owner of dogs barking near Prospect was advised to keep them quiet.

Oct. 21

12:15a.m. - People being loud near a Spring Street hotel were told to quiet down and return to their rooms.

12:25a.m. - A man was arrested on Center Street for being drunk.

1:24a.m. - A group of people were seen being destructive and unruly near a Spring Street Hotel but ran off before Police arrived.

2:55a.m. - Police picked up abandoned property in Basin Spring Park.

3:17a.m. - An unruly person at a Passion Play gas station calmed down and went home.

4:28a.m. - A call was made about noise near a U.S. 62 motel.

3:57p.m. - Although a truck was not in the road it was reported as blocking part of U.S. 23 South.

8:56p.m. - An intoxicated woman near a U.S. 62 West motel lost not only her purse, but her shoes as well.

9:15p.m. - A caller asked police to help him locate his parents somewhere in Eureka because of a family emergency.

Oct. 22

12:19a.m. - Police were able to peacefully settle a family disturbance near a motel at the intersection of U.S. 62 and 23.

10:12a.m. - A suspicious cooler left on the heliport at the Eureka Spring's hospital was retrieved by police and is being held for the owner.

12:15p.m. - A welfare call was made to a meals on wheels recipient on Ridgeway who reportedly had no care.

12:32a.m. - A broken-down vehicle was reported blocking traffic on Magnetic Springs Road.

8:38a .m. - A U.S. 62 bank employee set off the alarm.

Oct. 23

6:43a.m. - A false alarm at a White Street restaurant.

12:15p.m. - Two men were reported watching children on the playground at the elementary school.

12:17p.m. - Property was stolen on Singleton Street.

1:55p.m. - A stray cat was reported on Singleton Street.

8:39p.m. - A domestic disturbance was resolved by the time police arrived.

Oct. 24

No reports.

Oct. 25

12:05a.m. - Prank phone calls were received at a U.S. 62 West Inn.

Fire Report

Oct. 24

10:26a.m. - A complaint of an unattended burn on Passion Play Road that the wind was starting to spread. Fire extinguished at 11:07a.m. by the ESFD.