Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week of Aug. 20

Early last week, the BFD responded to a series of spot grass fires along Ark. Hwy. 221 North that were caused by a car towing another car that was riding on its metal rims. Besides the eight fires that firemen extinguished, motorists passing by reportedly stomped out other spot fires along the highway.

Early Friday morning, the BFD assisted Green Forest firefighters with a barn fire on County Road 617. While fighting that blaze, another fire call came in for a second bar fire on CR 717. The cause of both barn fires is under investigation. Berryville firefighters returned to the station house around 6 a.m. Friday.

On Friday morning, the BFD responded to a report of a car backing over a gas meter on North Springfield Street.

Friday afternoon, after rains hit the area, the BFD responded to a reported rollover traffic accident on Ark. Hwy. 143, just south of the Missouri state line. It was not a rollover, but a vehicle that reportedly slid into a power pole.