Holiday Island golfers report two play days

Monday, June 11, 2007

HOLIDAY ISLAND-- Two Holiday Island Ladies Golf Association play days are included in the story this week.


The ladies played a new "team" game on Wednesday, May 30, with Play of the Day being called a "Bramble."

All players teed off, chose the best drive and then played their own ball on to the green. Two best scores were then taken, and low net used to determine team winners.


1st Place team- 54: Nancy Crouse, Jane DuMontier, Noelle Setrum and Cheryl Pierson.

2nd Place- 59: Phyllis Williams, Terry Welch and Marilyn Kiessling.

3rd Place- 62: Judy Wellinghoff, Jeanie Burgner, Pat Woodward and Norma Rix.

4th Place- 63: Ellen Bjork, Connie Stielow and Gloria Sebold.

Low Putts- tie- 15- Judy Grindall and Terry Welch.

Chip-ins- Judy Grindall, No. 11.


1st Place team- 123: Sue Dillard, Mary Lou Smith and Wanda Stuck.

2nd Place- 125: Barb Kuhn, Cathy Conklin and Patty Edwards.

3rd Place- tie- 126: Nola Banister, Jean Sylvester, Eleen Onda and Carol Redmond; Helen Petteway, Audrey Bott and Dee Frossard

Low Putts- 28- Carol Redmond and Saundra DeGarimore

Chip-ins- Loretta Metzger No. 4, Helen Petteway No. 8, and Audrey Bott No. 2.

Birdies- Saundra DeGarimore No. 2.


Ladies golf association play was individual, but with a new team twist.

The Play of the Day was called "Eliminator" and at the end of the first hole, one score was chosen for the team score.

That player's score could not be counted again until everyone else's score was used; once all four players' score was used, start all over again! Team score was kept separately.


1st Place- 48: Jane DuMontier, Terry Welch, Leona Snyder, Connie Stielow

2nd Place- 55: Nancy Crouse, Mary Knab, Pat Woodward and Nita Holley

3rd Place- 56 (Tie) Kay Janky, Judy Grindall, Vivian Kahl, Marilyn Kiessling; Elna Sieg, Ruby Faulconer and Cheryl Pierson

Low Putts- Marilee Brodbeck with 13.

Chip-ins: Marilee Brodbeck No. 3.


1st place- (3-way tie) 88: Lora Colby, Joanie Davis, Loretta Metzger and Sharon DeGarimore; Carolyn Williams, Bonnie Mapes, Helen Petteway, and Carol Redmond; Sue Dillard, Jean Sylvester, Patty Edwards and Dee Frossard

Fourth Place- 89: Kathy Kuhn, Mary Lou Smith, Wanda Stuck and Eleen Onda

Low Putts- Nola Bannister 29.

Chip-ins- Eleen Onda Nos. 8 and 14; Sue Dillard No. 7.

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