Unitarian-Universalist May schedule is announced

Friday, May 11, 2007

EUREKA SPRINGS -- On May 13 at Eureka Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, several mothers will present and discuss their beliefs regarding the role, dilemmas and spirit of motherhood. Persons are also encouraged to bring a photo of their mother or of themselves with their mother for a tribute.

Dr. Jim Young will facilitate a discussion dealing with the topic of his book in process, "What If Life Were Really?Different From What We Think It Is?" Graduating students in the congregation will also be recognized that day. The 10 a.m. discussion topic will be "Do you believe in moral investing?"

Dr. Ron Dugger will present the topic, "The Day of Judgment," and continue elaboration on a previous talk, "Forgiving Unto Grace -- Living A Joyful?Life," on May 27. The 10 a.m. discussion topic will be "Is political correctness good of bad?"

Other events in?May include an open house on?May 20 at Judy's Pond Mountain?Lodge.

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