Jr. Bobcats 1-2 at district track meet

Friday, May 4, 2007
Junior Lady Bobcat Chelsea Parker scored 52 points at the 1-4A District Track meet Monday to earn the High Point award. Efforts like this in the 100m hurdles helped Berryville's girls win the team title. David McNeal / Carroll County News

GENTRY -- The Bobcat junior high track teams made their mark at the 1-4A District Track Meet on Monday, setting records and winning team and individual titles.

Coach Doug Scheel's Lady Bobcats won the team title going away, with Chelsea Parker earning High Point honors with 52 points and Elise Holman setting two new meet records.

Coach Bobby Bishop's junior high boys took a team second place to a loaded Farmington Cardinal program while winning just two first place ribbons.

Tyler McBryde won the triple jump, and John Howerton won the pole vault, setting a new district record of 10-7.


Boys- "I was pleased with the second place,"?Coach Bishop said. "Farmington is loaded. Farmington had 202 points, we had 91, and Gravette 73. I am proud of the boys for the time and effort they put in this year.

"I?was excited about Tyler winning the triple jump and Howerton's new record. We took second in the 3200m relay. I was pleased with those guys. Emory Mayfield, a seventh-grader, scored points and was seventh in the mile.

"Gavin Osnes ran the mile for the first time and finished fourth, and Derek Graham was sixth. We had three in the mile. Luke Wiley came on, was fifth in both the 110 and 300m hurdles."

Girls- "The girls did good," Coach Scheel said."We won and Chelsea Parker was high point. Elise Holman set two new records, in the shot and the discus, and Katie Swofford had a great meet. All three did.

"Kaily Evans did well, ran four events and scored in all four. It was a great team effort. I'm proud of them."


(Boys-Girls combined)

3200m relay- (B) 2nd- 9:38- Graham, Hostetler, Acuna, Osnes; (G) 1st- 11:22- Beth Epley, Morphin, Brady, Evans.

Hurdles- (B) 110m- 5th- Wiley- 19.27; 6- Howerton- 19.44; (G) 100m- Parker- 1st- 17.71; 2- Holman- 18.26; 3- Mikkayla Flores- 19.21; Newberry- 21.28.

100m dash- (B) McCanless- 12.2; McBryde- 12.41; Johnson- 12.47; (G) Parker- 2nd- 13.82; 4- Flores; Mercedes- 14.73.

1600m run- (B) 4th- Osnes- 5:24; 6- Graham- 5:30; 7- Mayfield- 5:33; Roller- 5:58; (G) 1st- Swofford- 6:03; 3- Evans- 6:22; 4- Morphin- 6:25; Brady- 6:33.

400m relay- (B) 6th- 50.43- Holman, Vaughn, McCanless, Johnson; (G) 6th- 58.84- Beth Epley, Harp, McBryde, Flores.

400m dash- (B) 3rd- McBryde- 58.19; 5- Johnson- 1:01.39; Williams- 1:01.82; Wiley- 1:01.88; (G) 1st- Parker- 1:06; 8- Swofford- 1:11; McBryde- 1:11.45; Mercedes- 1:13.

300m hurdles- (B) 5th- Wiley- 47.71; 8- Noble- 49.64; Howerton- 50.1; Holman- 52.88; (G) 3rd- Holman- 56; Newberry- 1:04; Splichal- 1:06.

800m run- (B) 5th- Acuna- 2:25; Graham- 2:33; Hostetler- 2:34; Osnes- 2:35; (G) 1st- Swofford- 2:48; 2- Evans- 2:51; 4- Morphin- 2:55; Brady- 2:59.

200m dash- 8- McBryde- 25.37; Johnson- 25.75; McCanless- 25.96; (G) 2nd- Parker- 28.81; 7- Mercedes- 30.33; Harp- 32.21.

1600m relay- (B) 4th- 4:00; Holman, McCanless, Wiley, Noble; (G) 1st- 4:40- Swofford, McBryde, Evans, Holman.

High jump- (B) 8th- Vaughn- 5-2; Noble- 5-2; (G) 5th- Swofford- 4-6; 6- Eaves, Harp- 4-4.

Triple jump- (B) 1st- McBryde- 34-5-1/4; 6- Vaughn- 33-1; Johnson- 31-5; (G) 2nd- Parker- 21-3; Swofford- 27.

Discus- (B) 7th- Holman- 111-6; Phillips- 98-7; Roberts- 93-11; Flowers- 90-10; (G) 1st- Holman- 111-2 (new record); 4- McCullough- 66-8; 6- Arel Ferguson- 63-10; Conner- 50-10.

Long jump- (B) 6th- McBryde; Vaughn- 16-0; Johnson- 15-8; Noble- 14-4-1/2; (G) 2nd- Parker- 15-1-1/2; Flores- 13-3.

Pole vault- (B) 1st- Howerton- 10-7 (new record); 3- McBryde.

Shot put- (B) 6th- Holman- 39-4; Williams- 35; Roberts- 30; Phillips- 28; (G) 1st- Holman- 37-11 (new record); 6- McCullough- 27-7; Ferguson- 24-4; Conner- 21-3.

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