Sheriff's Office rolls out Mobile Response Unit

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

BERRYVILLE -- For the first time ever, the county's Mobile Response Unit has been out in the field aiding investigators as they process crime scene evidence.

It made its debut appearance March 17 in Alpena when Carroll County Sheriff's Office investigators responded to a fatal house fire.

It has been to two other fires since that time. Both were reported to be suspicious in nature.

According to Lt. Jason Hunt, with the CCSO, the unit is outfitted with crime scene processing items, such as disposal gloves and evidence bags. Plus, it has a battery powered electrical outlet that allows them to operate computers and printers.

"When we were set up at Alpena, we completed the majority of our paperwork while there," he said.

The "old box ambulance," as Hunt described it, was previously used by the Special Operations Rescue Team (SORT) and was donated to the sheriff's office last year.

Since that time, he said jail trustys have decaled the outside with identification lettering and made minor modifications to the unit.

"It already had the emergency lights," he said. "Basically, all we did was add the lettering and stock it with crime scene equipment and a few other things. We hardly spent any money on it."

Hunt said the Mobile Response Unit is a huge help to investigators when working a crime scene. He said any law enforcement agency in the county is welcome to use it.

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