Lady Tigers get hits, Goblins get win

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Green Forest's Tori Allen unleashed a pitch during last Thursday's game with Harrison as third basewoman Katie Heads watched a Lady Goblin runner on base. The Lady Tigers got 12 hits in the game and scored five runs against their 5A opponent. David McNeal / Carroll County News

GREEN FOREST-- Coach Kayla Madewell's softball team got a rough introduction to the new season in a 17-5 loss to the Harrison?Lady Goblins last Thursday on a cold, windy spring day.

The Lady Tigers had 12 hits in the game and scored three of their five runs the first inning, but had five errors that let the Goblins run the bases.

Harrison had 13 hits, good for 17 runs on three errors in the seven inning event.

HR- 17R-13H-3E

GF- 5R-12H-5E

"Misty Baker started us off good, Courtney Ruff scored, Kasey Barinsky hit a sacrifice, and ?Emily Campbell scored,"?Madewell said. "We scattered hits. Elizabeth Booth ripped one to right center for a triple, and Ruff ripped one for a triple, but over-ran third and got picked off.

"We hit mostly singles, but we made contact, which was great. It was our first game and we made a few mental mistakes, but everything is correctable. We've got a positive outlook and actually had a solid night.?Heads did a good job, scored, and was real aggressive."

Tori Allen pitched, faced 50 batters in the seven innings, and had four strikeouts against five walks. Booth pitched one inning. Campbell caught the game.

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