AngelFood HQ orders no sales tax

Friday, December 8, 2006

GREEN FOREST -- Word has been received from Jason and Malinda Lilly, of AngelFood's Central Arkanas Outreach, that, as of Nov. 30, "no host site is to collect sals tax until further notice," according to Shirley McKay of Green Forest United Methodist Church.

McKay announced in late November that her church's AngelFood program, upon professional advice, would charge sales tax to those participating in the low-cost program. Meanwhile, Oak Grove Assembly reported that it would not be charging sale tax at the program conducted there.

No information was available regarding the Angel Food program conducted by Eureka Kids.

Accrording to an e-mail from the Lillys, "AngelFood Headquarters in Georgia has mandated that no host site is to collect sales tax until further notice. "We are asking that everyone please comply with this as it comes from the (AngelFood) government liaison and our superiors. If you have collected sales tax, please refund it to your customers accordingly. I will keep everyone updated, but for now, please do not collect sales tax."

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