Two announce plans to leave sheriff's department

Thursday, November 30, 2006

BERRYVILLE -- Two sheriff's office employees are leaving their jobs -- Ralph Gordon and John Rains.

Gordon, a criminal investigator for four years with the department, said he begins work this week at the Boone County Sheriff's Office as a criminal investigator. He confirmed that he'll receive a pay raise with his new job.

Gordon said he and his family will be moving and house-hunting the first of this week while he works part-time, and he'll start full-time with the BCSO on Dec. 4.

Gordon is a crime scene technician, law enforcement instructor, radar instructor and a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) certified lab technician, to name a few of his skills.

Sheriff Chuck Medford said, "He is probably one of the best criminal investigators I have seen in my 42 years of law enforcement experience. Sheriff Hickman's gain is Carroll County's loss."

John Rains, a patrol sergeant, said he's going to the Siloam Springs Police Department to work as a patrol officer.

Rains said his last day will be Dec. 2 and he'll start his new job Dec. 4.

"I'm leaving for significantly more money and for job security," he said.

"At the sheriff's office, every two years you give yourself an ulcer wondering if you have a job. We've never had anyone clean house, but you never know."

Rains says his job has been to supervise the patrol division, supervising "from the streets," rather than a desk, and he is a law?enforcement instructor and the departments' only firearms instructor.

A Carroll County native who has been with the sheriff's office the past seven years, Rains said he's moving to Siloam Springs and taking his drug dog, Kilo, with him.

"I wish the incoming sheriff the best," he said, "and those who are staying -- because they're the best."

Medford, who says he'll become a civil process server after the first of the year, working through the courts and with private attorneys, a job he's done before, had this to say about Rains' departure.

"He's probably one of the most dependable officers I've had, and once again, it is Siloam Springs' gain and Carroll County's loss."

Medford said he's not aware of any other pending departures from his department.

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