Eureka Springs and surrounding areas Police and Fire Dispatches

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Week of Nov. 13

November 13

12:30 p.m.- Officer responded to an alarm at bank. Proved to be a false alarm.

3:22 p.m.- Incident report taken on possible credit card fraud.

3:50 p.m.- Caller stated that a business had put their garbage out before 5 p.m.

3:58 p.m.- Information taken after caller stated a school bus was tailgating her vehicle.

7:16 p.m.- Caller stated an intoxicated person had passed out in a church. Subject was arrested.

10:38 p.m.- Incident report taken after a female subject stated another subject had threatened her.

November 14

11:21 a.m.- Caller stated his neighbor was doing construction without a permit.

2:19 p.m.- Resident stated she had found a Basset Hound with collar and a Boxer. Animals picked up by animal control.

5:45 p.m.- An unfounded report of a disturbance was called into police.

November 15

10:41 a.m.- A delayed incident report was taken concerning a dog bite.

9:42 p.m.- Officer assisted motorist.

November 16

4:11 a.m.- Officer responded to a report of a man on drugs at gas station. Report deemed unfounded.

8:18 a.m.- Information taken concerning a complaint of a large white dog running loose in town, scaring other animals.

2:17 p.m.- Accident report taken on a private property incident.

4:38 p.m.- Caller advised business was playing music too loud. Officer deemed report unfounded.

7:05 p.m.- Planning Commission requested officer be present at meeting.

8:30 p.m.- Business owner requested officer to remove two male subjects from bar. Subjects left before officer arrived.

November 17

7:40 a.m.- Theft reported at Exxon station on Passion Play Rd. No report taken.

3:42 p.m.- DWI arrest in Pine Street area.

5:16 p.m.- Incident report taken on gas driveoff at Exxon; people returned to pay the bill.

8:20 p.m.- Officer called to have vehicle moved from in front of fire station on Juda Street.

10:28 p.m.- Skateboarders told not to skate in the post office parking lot.

10:31 p.m.- Noise reading requested on a Hwy. 62 bar; reading well below limit.

November 18

11:15 a.m.- Car burglary reported at a church on Frontage Rd.

1:33 p.m.- Report taken on a hit-and-run accident downtown.

10 p.m.- Woman at bar on Hwy. 62 reported males harassing her. No action was taken.

November 19

9:23 a.m.- Incident report taken on theft of a business sign on South Main.

1:40 p.m.- Incident report taken on theft of an item from a business on Hwy. 62.



There were 10 non-emergency transfers this week.

November 13

5:06 p.m.- Squad #1192 responded to an elderly female that had fallen. No transport.

6:30 p.m.- Squad #1192 responded to a two-vehicle accident on Hwy. 62 East. Subjects were both unconscious and trapped in vehicles. Patients taken by Air Evac to hospital.

11:22 p.m.- G.K. and Squad #1194 responded to a subject that had just been released from hospital for a kidney stone that was now experiencing severe abdominal pain. Patient taken to NWMC.

November 14

8:01 a.m.- Squad #1192 responded to a subject that was choking. Patient taken to ESH.

11:20 p.m.- H.I. and Squad #1192 responded to a male subject possibly having a heart attack. Patient taken to area hospital.

November 15

7:56 p.m.- Squad #1192 and H.I. responded to an elderly male subject that had fallen. Patient taken to ESH.

November 16

4:11 a.m.- Squad #1194 and H.I. responded to a female subject with high blood pressure. Patient taken to St. John s.

6:40 a.m.- Squad #1192 responded to a report from neighbor stated he could hear fire alarm going off.

3:57 p.m.- Squad #1194 responded to a male subject that had fallen. No transport.

4:15 p.m.- Squad #1192 responded to a male subject having a seizure. Patient taken to ESH.

November 18

10:38 a.m.- Squad #1193 responded to Ridgeview Retirement Center for a female subject with a bladder infection.

3:16 p.m.- Squad #1193 responded to Holiday Island for a patient who fell.

November 19

11:57 a.m.- Squad #1194 responded to Peachtree in Holiday Island for a female subject who fell.

8:42 p.m.- Squad #1193 responded to a stroke victim on Mountain Street.

10:45 p.m.- Squad #1192 and Engine #2348 responded to report of gas leak under a parked car on Wall Street. Gas shut off.